How Can Chiropractors Help Get Rid of Back Pain in Valdosta, GA?   

Written By Alla Levin
July 21, 2022
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How Can Chiropractors Help You Get Rid of Your Back Pain in Valdosta, GA?

Valdosta is a fantastic place to stay in the US. And if you are a resident of this place, you must already know its beauty. From the best schools and colleges to the quietest neighborhoods, residents of Valdosta are truly blessed.

But Valdosta is also famous for its sports-loving people around. The city has been named Winnersville after its championship teams in schools and colleges. If you are experiencing back pain, are a resident of ‘Winterville’ city, and are looking for the right physical therapist Valdosta GA you have come to the right place.

Chiropractors are expert professionals in the health care sector and do non-surgical treatment for patients. They provide an effective cure for various disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Most of these professionals focus on manipulating the spine and providing treatment for structures around the spine.

In Valdosta, GA, you will find several physical therapists or chiropractors. There are around 14 hospitals in Valdosta. However, getting hold of the right one is necessary as you cannot take risks with any treatment, surgical or non-surgical.

Numerous studies have proven that manual therapy that chiropractors use is effective for treating different types of lower back pain. If your back pain is due to a non-specific reason and is chronic, you should contact a skilled chiropractor. They can relieve you of back pain. It would help if you initially visited them for spinal maintenance manipulation after getting treated for it.

Methods Used by Chiropractors to Treat Back PainHow Can Chiropractors Help Get Rid of Back Pain (3)

Chiropractors will first understand your pain points and design a treatment plan most suitable for you. They primarily use their fingers and palms when caring for their patients. Also, the therapy includes putting slight pressure on the area where you feel pain and slowly gliding down to the lower back around the sacral region. This process is greatly effective as it helps realign the spine and straighten it.

These professionals also give massages on the soft tissue to help alleviate the pain.

They use expert techniques where they glide the pressure through the muscles of their patients. This takes little effort on their part and gives a lot of relief to the patient. Their massaging actions can help relax any muscle strained around your spine.

Duration of the Treatment

Treatments by expert chiropractors take a few weeks if you want a permanent solution to your back pain. You might need to visit at least twice a week at the start of your treatment. This would change depending on how well you are responding to your treatment.

If you are doing exceptionally well, you might need to visit the right physical therapist only once a week. Each session with such a physical therapist only takes about twenty to thirty minutes. It varies based on how severe your back pain is and what treatments you might require for it. Your improvement levels are tracked carefully by the chiropractor after each session.

A helpful technique that they use to alleviate lower back pain is mobilization. In chiropractic mobilization, the experts perform low-velocity manipulation where they move and stretch the joints and muscles of their patients. This low-velocity manipulation aims to boost the range of motion in those areas.

Another helpful technique used by them is manual manipulation and spinal manipulation. This technique applies high-pressure and short lever arm thrusts to the abnormal vertebra to enhance functionality.

They also use therapeutic motion in the back and reduce the irritability in the nerves. This is also called chiropractic manipulation. Many studies have proved that chiropractic manipulation perfectly treats lower back pain. With just a few sessions with an experienced chiropractor or physical therapist in Valdosta, you can easily get rid of the back pain.

How can chiropractors help get rid of back pain: Conclusion

Chiropractors are expert healthcare professionals who know how to take care of your back pain. They could be, therefore, the best choice if you are experiencing severe back pain that doesn’t seem to go away. They have various proven techniques, as mentioned in this article which they can employ to help relieve your back pain.

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