Incredibly Helpful Packing Hacks You Need to Know

Written By Alla Levin
June 20, 2022
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Incredibly Helpful Packing Hacks You Need to Know

Moving can be painstaking as it involves not just transporting goods. Among the tedious process that you have to go through is packing. Some say that it is the most difficult part about moving, that they decide to have the movers do the packing as well. Here are practical ways to reduce your stress and expense when packing.

Label boxes smartly and take photos of the contents

Label each box by room so it would be easier to unpack and find stuff that you urgently need. Take a picture of the items that go into a box or use an app that enables you to make visual inventory lists. When you scan the printable QR code label, it will share photos of the box’s contents.

Make peeling of the tape easier

Finding the end of a tape roll can be annoying. Save time by using a toothpick to mark the end of the tape. Then, place the toothpick on the sticky side and fold the end such that it will cover the toothpick. Even if you can count on the pros of a removals Leeds company to pack for you, you are still likely to pack other stuff you have.

Use space-saving vacuum storage bagsvacuum storage bags

One way to save space is to use vacuum storage bags or compression bags for linens, pillows, or anything that takes up considerable space. The air inside these items will be sucked out to reduce their bulky size.

Use the Russian Doll technique

It’s smart to use the practice of putting small packed boxes in larger boxes for items such as pans or cooking utensils. This will help keep your things organized, so start collecting small boxes when you know you’re moving.

Use clothes for cushioning

Using clothes and linens instead of bubble wrap will save some packing expenses. Wrap frames in layers of sheets or towels, wrap glasses in shirts or use blankets to protect small furniture.

No need to unhang clothes

Leave your clothes on their hangers and place them inside heavy-duty garbage bags before loading them into the truck. The same applies to unloading your drawers. You can wrap the drawers with plastic to protect your furniture and keep your items in place.

Prevent leakage

Use plastic wrap to keep your liquid toiletries from leaking. Take the cap off, put a plastic sheet over the opening, and put the lid back. You can also use this hack when traveling.

Pack plates vertically

Plates are likely to break with weight and pressure, so do not stack them on top of each other. Instead, wrap them in cloth, newspapers, or bubble wrap and arrange them vertically on the box.

Helpful packing hacks: conclusion

Packing takes time, patience, and effort. Consider the tips above, be systematic and go room-by-room. Create a packing checklist to stay organized and do it by room. Keep track of your delicate, valuable items. You can also save time and trouble by calling the pros from to pack for you.

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