Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Written By Alla Levin
August 24, 2022

Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Dogs need exercise—lots of it. Even the most miniature dogs need a decent amount of activity in their lives to be as healthy and happy as possible. 

Whether you hire a dog walking franchise company because of your hectic schedule or you do it yourself during your free time, no question doing this simple exercise is essential for your dog.

Walking is probably the most important means of exercising your dog as it gets them moving and enables them to see and smell more of the world around them, which engages their brain and helps keep them mentally fit too.

However, it is not the only way to exercise your pet, and supplementing walks with other forms of activity is an excellent way to help your pup stay fit and healthy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most fun ways to exercise your pup right now:

Play tug of war

Buy a safe rope toy from the pet store, take one end in your hand and let your dog try and pull it from you using their mouth. It’s great for keeping them active and suitable for their teeth; just don’t pull too hard.

Ways to exercise dog: obedience trainingobedience training

Obedience training might not sound like fun, but it is! It teaches you how to have better control over your dog so that you can keep him and everyone around him safe, and it also empowers your dog with a challenge.

Moat dogs don’t like to be idle; they kike to be up and moving and love to have clear rules and boundaries – it helps them feel safe. So, he’ll have a lot of fun, and so will you as your dog starts to follow your commands, and you can teach him lots of cool new tricks.


Walking your dog can be a lot of fun, but swimming with him can be even better. As you can see at Yorkie Life, even the most miniature dogs love to get in the water and swim -some of them even love to surf- so why not hit the nearest beach or the local lake and have fun splashing sound with your pooch He’ll have the time of his life and you’ll get some good fun exercise in too.

Play hide and seek

If your dog is good at learning tricks, chances are you can teach him to play hide and seek, and when you do, he’ll get plenty of exercises to find you in your best hiding spot. If you don’t want to be parted from him, hide a treat or two in a secret location and let him sniff them out instead.

Ways to exercise dog: roller skating

Put your skates on, put your dog’s leash on, and let him lead you through the parks and streets at high speed. He’ll enjoy it, but chances are you’ll have even more fun, especially if you play your best cheesy disco tracks on Spotify while you skate.

Exercising your dog is so important, so make it as much fun as you can for both of you, and you will never have a problem ensuring your pooch gets enough activity again!

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