Tips to Care for a Rottweiler

Written By Alla Levin
June 21, 2022

Tips to Care for a Rottweiler

You might have heard the saying, “Rottweilers aren’t for everyone.” Well, that’s correct to some extent, as this breed is powerful, energetic, and intelligent while also displaying signs of excessive aggression. However, the last part is a characteristic of Rottweiler’s character that doesn’t get expressed if it is properly trained and cared for. A Rottweiler with cropped ears can look more intimidating than the one with floppy ears.

Your responsibilities increase significantly from the day you bring this specific breed’s puppy home. In this article, you will find various tips to care for your dog to keep its behavior in check while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Nutrition is one of the most important things for every pet, especially a Rottweiler dog. The puppies grow rapidly and can even weigh 135 pounds. That’s why they require high-quality and well-balanced nutritious food recommended by their veterinarian.

TrainingRottweiler with cropped ears

Training is necessary for all dogs, especially Rottweilers. You can train them at home. However, getting a professional trainer is highly recommended as these dogs are big and strong. The training keeps their aggression level in control and teaches them obedience and other tricks.

Regular Exercise

As mentioned above, these dogs grow rapidly- so it may strain their joints and ligaments while growing up. Therefore, they require a lot of exercise daily to stay healthy, grow properly, and release high energy. For a puppy younger than six months, 4-5 hours of daily playful exercises are enough; while it grows older, you can take it on hikes and long walks to keep its mind and body sharp and active.

Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or neutering domestic dogs is quite popular as it offers various benefits. Especially in huge breeds like Rottweiler, dog owners discuss the surgery on their first visit to the veterinarian. The ovaries are surgically removed from females, while the testicles are from males. Spaying reduces aggression to a considerable extent, prevents certain types of cancers, and completely eliminates its ability to reproduce.

Do Not Have Their Ears Cropped

Don’t Rotties have adorable ears? So, why get them cropped? Most people own Rottweilers to serve the purpose of guarding their residential or commercial buildings and crop their ears to make them look more intimidating. However, such practice has no benefit and only causes pain to the animal.

In fact, a Rottweiler with cropped ears is more prone to ear infections and hearing loss. Also, getting them under anesthesia has many risks. So, if you love your furry friend and want it to be healthy and happy, do not let it come under the knife for merely aesthetic purposes.


Grooming is relatively comfortable with Rottweilers because of the short hair; however, they shed a lot. They are double-coated, so their undercoat sheds in spring and fall. Therefore, brushing their coat several times a week is recommended to avoid finding hair on every piece of furniture in your home.

These dogs do not require frequent bathing as it can lead to flaky skin, aka dandruff. Also, trimming their nails is essential to avoid getting scratched every now and then. The toe pads are pretty sensitive, so keep an eye on them. Contact the vet immediately if you find anything unusual such as lumps, scars, etc., on their paws.

Conclusion: care for a rottweiler

Hopefully, these tips will help you care for your Rottweiler puppy in the best way possible. Make sure to feed them good quality food, provide regular exercise, and do not make any changes in their body just for a mere visual appeal.

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