The League Of Legends Champion Selection Process: Main Champion

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2022

The League Of Legends Champion Selection Process: Main Champion

Selecting a League of Legends champion might be difficult. There are several champions to choose, and each is distinct. Some champions thrive at long-range combat, while others excel at close-quarters battle or absorbing team damage. The champion you choose before a match will depend on your play style and the champions your friends and opponents bring to the rift.

There are Numerous Champions to Choose From in League of Legends

It is crucial to understand which champion types work well with certain sorts of players. For instance, if your favorite part of playing League of Legends is getting into the thick of a battle and causing havoc, then choosing a fighter may be the right choice for you! Or maybe you like playing with your pals or in tight alliances with your allies. In this instance, choose a support champion.

League of Legends has around 155 champions at present. Riot Games releases new winners multiple times a year, so select one that you’ll like playing and can master as the game grows. This guide will assist you in choosing the finest champions!

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Champions are classified according to their playstyle

Champions in League of Legends may be classified into many classes. Included in these classes of champions are Fighters, Mages, Supports, Marksmen, Assassins, and Tanks. We will offer a concise summary of each category.

Fighters are champions that thrive in close-quarters fighting and can typically withstand significant damage when they rush into battle. These champions often have fast attack speed, high attack damage, lifestyle, or armor penetration, allowing them to do huge damage from close range!

  • Marksmen

Marksmen have ranged champions who can consistently deliver a significant amount of damage from a distance. They specialize in bringing down any champion (even tanks), since their wide attack ranges and auto-attacks let them deal out a significant number of continuous hits.

Compared to other classes, marksmen depend on their talents the least. They depend significantly on the damage output of their auto-attacks.

  • Mages

Mages are champions that specialize in dealing massive quantities of damage from a distance utilizing their abilities (or in rare situations from short-range). Mages have one of the strongest potentials for burst damage and may be played in a completely different manner depending on the kind of cover their teammates provide.

  • Supports

Supports are champions who aid their allies by providing extra buffs or debuffs to teammates or foes. Depending on the winner they choose, they have access to various support talents. They are often unable to directly destroy foes, but they may make up for this with their supporting solid spells.

  • Assassins

Assassins are champions that prioritize eliminating foes fast and effectively. They specialize in engaging in combat, killing an opponent, and fleeing before they are killed. Typically, they have even more burst damage than mages, but they are more vulnerable and must concentrate on location and timing to perform their strikes without dying.

  • Tanks

Tanks are champions that facilitate their teammates’ success by attracting adversaries’ attention while shielding them from significant harm. Tanks can withstand significant damage and are often responsible for initiating combat or separating their carry. Even though the majority of tanks have middling damage output, several have potent crowd control skills that make them formidable in team battles.

Legends Champion Selection Process: How Do You Play Your Champion in League of Legends?How Do You Play Your Champion in League of Legends

You may pick a champion to master in League of Legends by first considering your dominating playstyle. Or, if you are new to League of Legends, you may want to consult our guide on the top LoL champions for beginners to help you choose your first champion.

Choose a wizard or an assassin if you like, patiently waiting for the ideal opportunity to strike. Choose a fighter or a tank if, on the other hand, you are always ready to plunge into war without hesitation! Marksmen often provide the bulk of a team’s late-game damage output, so if you like doing large amounts of damage, choose marksmen.

Some champions may be “flexed” to fit the playstyles of different classes. If you prefer a hybrid or more balanced playstyle, high-damage output tanks like Garen and/or Galio may be more suitable for you.

Compare LoL and Dota 2 because the games have the same roots, and share many similarities, such as design similarities and also skill similarities, and characters:

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