Technologies For Live Casino
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Technologies For Live Casino – What Makes a Game Spectacular?

More and more Australian online casinos offer games with live dealers to attract the attention of active players and maintain competition for the user. Only reputable gambling platforms can afford this gambling category, given the complex software integration and maintenance requirements from well-known manufacturers. Stay tuned if you want to know how live online casino in Australia works, what technologies are used to provide a cozy gaming atmosphere, and who develops live games!

Best Software Producers for Live Online Casino

Today it isn’t easy to single out one provider that would overshadow the developments of other studios in all aspects. The game choice from live dealers remains a matter of individual preferences regarding interface, assortment, and other criteria. In general, the best in terms of staging the game in live broadcast mode are:

Provider Description
Evolution Gaming One of the most sought-after providers of live games that are the benchmark. Brand developments are trying to copy and set an example. They feature a wide range of entertainment with the best video streaming quality.
Playtech The games of this provider are also popular, although the army of fans is much smaller. With excellent picture quality, you will have a memorable live gaming experience.
Lucky Streak Guarantees an unparalleled live dealer experience using the best video and audio equipment. A unique interface has been implemented for you, with the help of which even beginners will quickly get into the game.
Pragmatic Play Focused on the release of slots but still contains a few live games. Thanks to the careful development of details, the provider’s games are equipped with a user-friendly interface using innovative solutions.

What Lies Behind the Live Online Casino Screen?Technologies For Live Casino

When connecting to live online casinos table or card games, players are greeted by smiling and friendly dealers in luxurious attire against a spectacular studio or room in a land-based casino. But behind this beautiful picture lies a vast mechanism that guarantees the convenience of gambling, the transparency of the rules, and the safety of each draw. One of the most important keys to the success of any provider is the hardware: the latest and simplest cameras, sound equipment, sensors, and so on.

Live casino software manufacturers use optical camera recognition technology, which guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience. Thanks to the use of OCR technology, all the actions of the dealer are transformed into an electronic format, fixing the shuffling of cards, their distribution to the players, and the start of the roulette wheel rotation.

An important component of live online casinos, along with cameras, is the game control unit. It is abbreviated as GCU and is fixed on the table for the same roulette or poker. It encrypts information and guarantees support for dealers in the process of gambling management.

Live croupiers must repeat their actions on a real betting table. They can only do with a special monitor that allows them to professionally fulfill their obligations and serve the gameplay. This device gives information about connected and disconnected players and lets you see users’ actions on their screens.

Live Online Casino Studios

Gambling is broadcast from specially equipped studios, distinguished by an elegant interface and a real gaming table. You can also become a member of the gaming process from land-based casinos or even casino resorts, known for their scale and luxury. But most of the live games are still broadcast from the studios.

To ensure the gaming experience for Australian players, the best live software providers locate studios in jurisdictions where gambling is allowed. Roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and other games are broadcast round the clock seven days a week.

Stages of the Gameplay: How is the Live Online Casino Game Streamed?

Players should understand that the variability of the stages of the game process depends on its type. Using an example, we will show you how to start playing live roulette:

  1. Initially, the dealer’s actions and greeting are filmed, which is converted into a high-resolution picture. Special equipment allows you to receive video broadcast on any user device, including PC or mobile devices.
  2. After connecting the players, they make bets, and the dealer gets information about users’ moves on a special monitor. The software processes the bets, and the croupier repeats them on the real table.
  3. After announcing no more bets, players receive a notification through the software server. This means that the buttons will be disabled, and the round will begin.
  4. The dealer spins the roulette wheel, which is captured by high-tech cameras. Players themselves will be able to see the moment the ball lands in one of the wheel cells.
  5. Information about won or lost bets will be immediately displayed on the user’s PC monitor or smartphone display.
  6. The game process is repeated if the player wants to try his luck again.

Technologies For Live Casino: Dealer Communication Options Live Online Casino

Gambling in live broadcast mode is in demand because of the gameplay and the possibility of live communication with the dealer. A communication channel has been established between the players and the croupier, where you can write any requirements, desires, or requests using live chat. This tool is often used for leisurely communication, although it can help solve game moments.

More attention is drawn to the microphone communication, which allows you to hear the voice of a cute croupier girl who will easily say hello to you.

As you can see, the network of live online casino elements is very complex. However, their well-coordinated work allows you to immerse yourself in live games against real opponents without leaving your home. It is important to remember the need to start gambling only after reaching 18 and responsible gambling, where there is no place for impulsiveness and chaotic bets.

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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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