How to Look Expensive: Details That Make The Image More Expensive

Written By Alla Levin
July 06, 2022

10 Details That Make You Look More Expensive On The Image

You will never know a universal recipe that tells how to look like a Hollywood star, but changing the details in appearance is within the power of every person.

The whole image is made up of details, and if you want to look expensive and stylish, you need to learn some rules.

Most likely, you think that to create the perfect look you will need a lot of money and clothes from boutiques – this is not so. Looking expensive and dressing expensive are two different things.

Take note of these tips, and every time you go shopping, stick to them. It’s so simple, but the effect will be amazing!

Choose clothes in light colors

Beige is neutral, versatile, suitable for any occasion, and looks really expensive. It looks especially luxurious and gentle when combined with white.

Wearing clothes in beige tones, you guarantee yourself that you will look younger, fresher, and look stylish. The combination of light colors makes the look elegant, the light beige trench coat is a symbol of classic style.

It was worn by Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Princess Diana, etc. The list consists of 10 steps.

Buy quality accessoriesMake The Image More Expensive

Invest not in expensive clothes, but inexpensive accessories. Wristwatches, gloves, wallets, belts, bags – these things should not be bad and should be bought on the market. It is better to buy an inexpensive shirt of an unknown brand than to buy it more expensive one, but save on accessories. The effect of these little things is amazing!

And do not forget that it is better to refrain from buying a fake thing – a quality bag from an unknown brand for an inexpensive amount will look much better than a fake from a well-known brand.

Don’t blindly follow fashion

The mistake of many is that they form their wardrobe according to fashion. Doesn’t it make you sad to think that you’re mindlessly throwing away your money? After all, next season, you may no longer wear this thing.

Rich people can afford it, but if you are not sure that you can buy new and high-quality clothes, then it is better to buy those that you can wear in 3 years.

For example, classic jeans, a beige trench coat, turtlenecks, t-shirts, and pencil skirts are things that are relevant at all times.

Choose bright or beige pumpsMake The Image More Expensive

Pumps with stilettos are an attribute of every fashionista, and today you can choose any shoes you like from an abundance of models.

Pumps create a feminine image and attract prying eyes. You do not have to look for such shoes in certain stores – you will find your favorite pair in the nearest ones. Shoes can be blue, pink, or yellow – pumps bought in the mass market will look just as impressive as those of luxury brands. These shoes should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Choose the suitable print on clothes

Even if your clothes are bought in the mass market, it’s not scary if they have the good prints on them. Classic prints have stood the test of time, and clothes with them automatically seem expensive and emphasize the status of their wearer.

These prints include polka dots, plaid “in the spirit of the classic English Prince of Wales,” and the houndstooth print, which famous designers often use in their collections. The stylish and bright image will never go unnoticed, and you will be considered a man of style.

More White in the Wardrobe

The white color in the image looks gorgeous, especially in winter, and it can be combined with almost any color. Dressing in white, you emphasize your self-confidence and charge others with your energy.

You can dress entirely in white clothes or make a bright accent in your image – you can dress the way you want. White cashmere coat, shirt, loose pants – these things always look chic, beautiful, and stylish.

Make the image more expensive: choose the right underwearMake the image more expensive

Women’s most severe mistake in their image is translucent underwear under their clothes. The lines of panties and bra look sloppy and generally spoil the whole look.

Poorly chosen underwear can ruin even an image that has been worked on for a long time. Your everyday underwear should be smooth – panties should not have seams and pick-up bras with soft cups.

Making sure they are made with comfortable fabrics, like wool panties, is also something that should factor into your decision.

Wear clothes that look fresh

Carefully inspect your clothing – if it has spools, puffs, or protruding threads – get rid of them or process them. Sticking out threads may seem like a trifle to you, but this is a severe flaw – others always pay attention to details. Wash clothes properly to avoid pilling – use conditioner when washing.

Do not crumple the clothes, sending them to the closet, but rather hang them on hangers and place the fragrance sachet in the closet, hanging it on the eyelets between things – a pleasant smell will come from the clothes.

Choose the right cosmeticsChoose the right cosmetics

You shouldn’t skimp on cosmetics – if you have a stunning look but three layers of bad foundation on your face are ruined.

Cosmetics should be barely noticeable (except in some cases) and match your skin color. If your skin is tanned and your face is too white, such a contrast will look at least strange. Conversely, fair skin and dark foundation are terrible ideas.

Let others think that you just got out of the shower; this is precisely your goal – to achieve natural and invisible makeup. Bright shadows, lipstick – suitable for some cases, but not for daytime makeup.

Make the image more expensive: watch your manicure and hands

Well-groomed hands are a necessary attribute of the appearance of a woman. There are many ways to care for your hands, and it is not at all necessary to buy expensive creams – baths can be prepared from improvised means – for example, from flakes.

Even if you do not have time to do a manicure, do not forget to cut your nails, undermine them, and in no case allow dirt under your nails. Well-groomed hands are an element of grace; always watch them.

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