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Professional Looking Selfie Game from Amateur to Pro With These Tips

Do you love taking selfies? If so, you would have always wanted to take the best selfie that makes you look good. While everyone takes selfies, not everyone can take a selfie that looks professional. A professional selfie makes people wake up and take a close look at the picture.

We have some tips for you if you want to move from amateur to pro and start taking great selfies. These tips will help you take professional-looking selfies that you can either use as profile pictures or share on social media.

Go through our photography tips and start following them, moving from amateur to pro.

Tips on taking Professional Selfies: Lighting is the key

It is obvious, but most people miss out on this key point. The difference between an amateur selfie and a professional one is lighting. If you want to look at your best in the selfie, you need good lighting. While clicking the selfie, turn towards a source of lighting. Preferably, choose natural lighting. Taking a selfie outside is a good option.

If you take a selfie indoors, take it near a window. Professional selfies make the best use of the sun’s light. It always helps you look better as compared to photos in artificial lighting. A helpful tip is to hold a piece of white paper below your chin, so it illuminates your face better.

Look up toward the cameraProfessional Looking Selfie

This is a simple enough tip, but many people don’t follow it. While taking a selfie, look up towards the camera. You can raise your eyebrows slightly so your eyes look more prominent. Extend your head away from the neck. This creates an appearance of a longer neck with a sharper jawline. Another tip is to push your shoulders down so you look relaxed.


This is yet another essential tip that will help you look good. The problem with most people is that they smile artificially. This would reflect in the photograph and spoils its overall effect. Your smile must be natural and not forced. Your smile should not be merely through the lips but through your eyes.

Think of something or someone you like. Think of something that genuinely makes you happy. This will help bring a natural-looking smile to your face. The happiness in the smile will then shine through the photo, making it look good. Practice your smile before a mirror so you know it looks good and natural.

Take many selfiesProfessional Looking Selfie

It is not always possible to get the best selfie in one try. You need to keep taking selfies until you find one that stands out. One of the well-known social media celebs is Kylie Jenner. She is on record saying that she takes nearly ‘500’ selfies until she finds the one she likes the most.

You need not take hundreds of selfies, but take as many as possible. As you keep clicking tilt your head slightly in different directions. Also, change the angle so the photo looks different. Take many selfies and then go through them to choose the best.

Professional looking selfie: select the right app and filter

Using the best app and filter is vital in taking the best selfie. Choose a good phone that comes with a selfie mode (for example, Samsung Galaxy S5). Such phones would have an app that automatically does things to your picture to make it look better. It can brighten the picture and even airbrush it.

Use filters through apps like Photoshop Fix, Perfect 365, or Facetune. You can use these apps to edit the photo before posting them. When you are looking for a professional photo, you need to spend some time editing before you arrive at the perfect shot. While editing, take care not to over-edit – this is a mistake that amateurs make. Don’t get carried away and make the photo appear unnatural.

Some general tipsSome general tips

Here are a few helpful general tips to get the best professional-looking selfie:

  • Avoid clichéd expressions like pouting or copying a celeb, be yourself.
  • Try to have an interesting background to make the photo look better.
  • Don’t overthink! Relax, else your tension would show in the photo.
  • Blow air through your lips before you click the picture. This will help you look more relaxed.
  • Try holding the phone to your side instead of holding it in front.
  • Avoid shadows of other objects as they can ruin the effect of the picture.

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