Make Your Morning Assembly Fun With These Ideas

Written By Alla Levin
July 27, 2022
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Make Your Morning Assembly Fun With These Ideas

An essential part of school culture is elementary school assemblies. They not only foster community spirit and build school spirit but also provide a way for teachers to share information with the whole school.

Although elementary schools aim to hold at least one assembly each quarter, this can vary from school to school. Assembly can be educational, informative, or fun. Below are Some elementary school assembly ideas that can help your kids indulge in extracurricular activities.

Pep Assembly

To foster school spirit, hold a pep assembly. Elementary schools don’t have Homecoming dances or games, but they do have school spirit and mascots. The assembly can be used to launch the school year or to host a contest, such as a holiday door decorating contest.

Chant contests among the grades. Ask classes to divide their class into sections according to quality. Then ask each teacher to select one boy or girl from the group to participate in a game such as a race against the teacher. Ask the teacher to crawl or handcuff the teacher. Each classroom should create a poster representing the school year’s theme. Then, have students vote by clapping loudly for the winner.

Honor AssemblyMake Your Morning Assembly Fun With These Ideas

An assembly can be held to recognize exceptional students in attendance, grades, and judgment. To reward students, give out special certificates. Honor students involved in clubs or organizations or who were part of a team. This assembly is excellent to hold at the end. Invite your parents to join you in singing the school song.

Fundraiser Assembly

Introduce a fundraiser such as a walkathon to your students. Explain the fundraiser and present any contests. For example, a prize for students who complete at least 15 laps on the track during the walkathon. Ask teachers to show the “right” and “wrong”, and ensure that laughter is shared by those who walk the wrong way.

Holiday Assemblies

To welcome a holiday, hold an assembly. A costume contest could be held on Halloween, for example. Each grade should be assigned a theme. Then, see which grade best illustrates the theme. During the assembly, have a contest or race between teachers to carve pumpkins.

Find out which grade can make the most ghost sounds. An assembly for winter holidays could include singing non-religious carols and throwing snowballs (crumpled pieces of paper). Ask students to write their names and then crumple the paper before throwing it. The “snowball” contest winner will be awarded a prize if it goes farther (or lands in a hula hoop).

Special Event Assemblies

With assemblies, celebrate other special events. Many elementary schools participate annually in “Read Across America,” an annual reading competition held every March. You can have a “read-in” where children sit on their pillows reading quietly in the gym or cafeteria.

You could also have a special event assembly, such as a science show (many schools have visiting science teachers who can come to your school to put on a “science show”) or a performance group, such as a puppet theater for children, or a presentation from a recycling company about starting a school recycling program.

Final Word

Children can reap the benefits of extracurricular activities like morning assembly, which have many long-term and short-term benefits. Consider the suggestions above and ensure your child is involved in at least one extracurricular activity. It will make a huge difference in their academic and social development.

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