Ways to Hire a Team for Business
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5 Ways to Hire a Team for Business

The success of a new business depends as much, if not more, on the people working on it as it does on the concept. That’s why companies spend such large chunks of their budgets on finding and retaining talent. As a business owner, you’re guaranteed to face all the complexities of recruiting at some point. Once you do, here’s how you can find the best people.

Using Your Network

According to Alex Gotch, the main concern for business owners looking for their dream team is finding trustworthy people. That’s perfectly reasonable. Ask any recruiter or hiring manager—and they’ll confirm that no matter how much relevant work experience and knowledge an applicant has, they can turn out a lousy employee. The only way to know is to give them a chance and see for yourself.

All job seekers can hire a career advice expert to help them and the best online resume writers to craft a winning resume for them. None guarantees they’ll be a good fit for your team. So employers’ best option is to use their network when looking for talent. If you worked with someone in the past and were impressed with their performance, it’s an excellent place to start.

At EventsWays to Hire a Team for Business

Also, suppose you ask a career advice expert or an experienced hiring professional for help. In that case, they’ll tell you that career and networking events are an awesome way to find potential employees.

Such events are typically focused on a specific industry. So you can quickly meet dozens of bright specialists in your field in a matter of hours. And you get to talk to them to see if their values match your organizational culture.

Avoid being too pushy or annoying, though. It’s not a good idea to check all of the candidate’s essential skills and experiences during a 15-minute conversation. It’s a big turn-off for candidates who know their worth and understands how networking should work. Instead, give them a chance to impress you after they submit a job application and land an interview.

Hire a Team for Business: Using Sourcing

Sourcing is a broad term, and different recruiters use it differently. The most universal (and quite vague) definition is finding potential employees and contacting them. Here are a few ways—some more conventional than others—how you can use sourcing to gather a perfect team:

  • On LinkedIn. LinkedIn needs no introductions. It’s the best place for identifying and contacting the candidates you’re interested in. Most career experts, including linkedin resume writing service, recommend business owners start with LinkedIn before using other sourcing methods.
  • Using traditional job search engines akin to Indeed and Glassdoor. These are slowly becoming obsolete, but finding and recruiting candidates with excellent qualifications is still possible. But you should rely on an applicant tracking system and resume-scanning software if you use such platforms.
  • On social media. Social media is a fantastic sourcing method for employers who care not only about their employees’ skills and accomplishments but also their values, views, and personalities. But social media might not be the best way to hire humans if your industry is one of the more old-school-ish ones.
  • Using Boolean search. Finally, if you’re a fan of data, you should get professional help from recruiting firms that use Boolean search. It’s the most evidence-based and comprehensive approach to searching for talent.

Through Recruiting AgenciesThrough Recruiting Agencies

Some business owners prefer to delegate, which is the right choice in most cases. If you’re looking for many employees to fill in all the spots on your team, consider hiring a professional recruiting agency. First, they know what they’re doing and can help. Also, you won’t have to spend too much time on all the stages of the hiring process yourself.

Keep in mind, though, that for the recruiting agency to be able to do its job, you need to be as specific as possible when giving the list of the things you’re looking for in the perfect candidate for each of the vacant positions. And make sure to be present at least at the final stages of the interviews so that you have the final say in which candidates deserve to land a job at your company.

Avoid Hiring Friends and Family

Finally, no matter how enthusiastic your friends and family are about the prospect of joining your company, be cautious when hiring them. Hiring a friend or two is not a complete no-go as long as they are suitable candidates. But it’s always risky. And nepotism rarely results in good performance, not to mention the workplace climate.

Just imagine having to lay off your sister-in-law or a cousin you have a close relationship with. This may happen. How do you expect to maintain a good environment during family gatherings if you fire your relatives for poor performance?

Hire a team for business: In Sum

Your network and professional events are the best ways to find the perfect candidates for your team. Sourcing (including LinkedIn, Boolean search, traditional job search platforms, and even social media) also works well. If your enterprise needs quite a few new employees, consider hiring a recruiting agency. But no matter how desperate you are, think twice before hiring a family member or a close friend.

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