4 Amazing Ways To Pack Snacks

Written By Alla Levin
August 03, 2022
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4 Amazing Ways To Pack Your Snacks

Working women have enough on their plate (metaphorically speaking, that is). That’s why we gathered the best snack-packing advice to help you get the most out of your day (and your snacks). If you need to pack a punch while working each day, here are 4 unique ways to pack your snacks.

Snacks 101

Between board meetings, endless emails, and presentations, you barely have enough time for yourself, let alone time to pack snacks or eat them. As your energy dwindles each day, you may feel tempted to forego snacks altogether in lieu of more time spent on that critical career-changing project.

Skipping snacks, however, is not doing your work performance any favors. Healthy and consistent snacks have brain-boosting power to keep yourself sharp and mentally alert. Here are a few ways to pack your snacks for every modern and busy woman.

Meal Prep Containersways to pack snacks

Meal preparation has been all the rage recently, and for a good reason. Meal prep not only helps to cut down on money and time spent buying lunch during the workweek but is also an economically beneficial snack option. Use meal prep containers to pack your daily snacks in addition to your lunch.

Bento Boxes

Similar to meal prep containers, bento boxes offer an excellent way to store your snacks for easy daily access with an added bonus. Because of the separate compartments, bento boxes offer, you can pack all your snacks in one container, leaving more space in your bag for beverages, condiments, or sauces.


There’s nothing worse than arriving to work only to discover your snacks and lunch spilled and made a mess inside your lunch bag. Try tossing in a piece of fruit as a healthy and mess-free snack option.

Presentation Matters

Studies show that food presentation can make a difference in how we feel the meal tastes and how positively we perceive a dining experience. Try fun, crafty, or beautiful ways to display or store your snacks.

Whatever snack-packing method you decide to try, keep in mind that temperature can make a difference in your health and snack quality. Try an insulated bag from Modern Picnic to keep your snacks at a safe temperature when not stored away in your workplace refrigerator.

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