What To Know When Moving From The US To Canada?

Written By Alla Levin
August 03, 2022

What To Know When Moving From The US To Canada

Thousands of people move to Canada every year from all parts of the world, packing up entire homes and relocating, hoping for a better quality of life. The US is no different, with an increasing number of people choosing to make Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and other Canadian cities their permanent home.

However, shipping from US to Canada can take a bit of effort and planning, especially if you are making such a significant, life-changing move for the first time. Choosing the right transportation company, carrying the right things, and knowing which items to leave behind are different tasks, each important.

So, those about to make this remarkable lifestyle change can refer to the following information to get started:

Know all the requirements

Before you immigrate to Canada, ensure to check the eligibility criteria and determine if you qualify. Then, apply for the appropriate work visa or permanent residency, depending on your specific requirements. Since the application process can take several months for new residents, it is advisable to begin the undertaking as soon as possible.

Also, note that you can make quick house hunting trips on short visits without a passport, but you will need this document when permanently moving from the US. Some airlines may also require additional papers, so find these documents beforehand. Furthermore, you will need to fill out documents such as Form B4 and Form B4A to bring your goods into the country.

Clearing items upon arrivalFind the right shipping company

Immigrants are required to self-clear their items within forty days of the goods arriving at the Canadian Customs Office. Typically, a representative will call you once the shipment arrives, and you will need to ask for the shipment manifest.

Once that is done, you must check the location and tick off all the items from the manifest. Also, you must take the original documents (such as Form B4 and Form B4A) to the customs office when clearing your shipment.

Also, remember that you cannot take prohibited items to your new home in Canada, regardless of the transportation method. These items include lawn darts with risky elongated tips, used mattresses (unless cleaned, fumigated, and certified), fresh fruits, weapons and arms, second-hand cars, etc.

Moving from the US to Canada: find the right shipping company

One of the most critically important things is choosing the right company when shipping from the US to Canada. You must not select just about anyone simply because you are in a hurry, as it could result in an immense loss if they mismanage or lose your valuables. Therefore, consider the options and zero in on someone reputable who provides these services worldwide, enabling you to move elsewhere if the need arises.

Critical things to look for in such companies include shipping methods and charges, experience, ease of logistics, and tracking abilities. Also, consider your budget and trust a service provider who will work with you at a reasonable price. Ideally, it is best to go for companies that charge no extra costs, provide the boxes themselves, and make the whole process easier for you.

So, whether you wish to move with your family or need to shift your business to Canada, a reliable shipping company can make a world of difference.

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