Best Features To Look For In A Door

Written By Alla Levin
August 10, 2022

Best Features To Look For In A Door

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what type of doors you want to install in your home, whether it’s a new front door or an update to an existing one. You’ve probably even considered the construction material and frame style that would work best for your space.

But there are many more factors to consider when choosing a door than just its appearance and quality of craftsmanship.


Security is one of the essential features when shopping for a door. The best way to secure a door is with deadbolts or sliding lock mechanisms that require keys and can be installed on either side of the door, depending on your preference.

Another important consideration when choosing a security lock is how much protection you need from intruders: If someone is going to break into your home, they probably won’t be deterred by an entry-level deadbolt system.

In this case, invest in a higher security model like those rated RSC (Residential Security Container), which will require considerable effort before being breached by an amateur burglar.

Finally, ensure all locks are keyed so all family members can access them without fumbling around with multiple keys.

Noise reduction

When shopping for the perfect door, you should keep a few features in mind to ensure your new door is as quiet as possible.

  • A good starting point is to look at how much noise reduction a particular door provides. You can find this information on any product page that sells doors; search for “sound reduction” and see what comes up.
  • Another good way to figure out which doors will be quieter is by checking their insulation ratings—this will tell you how well each specific model will block out noise from outside sources (like traffic or barking dogs).

Features to look for in a door: locks and handlesBest Features To Look For In A Door

When you’re looking for a door, it’s essential to consider the locks and handles. Do you want a lock with a key? Or maybe an electronic keypad? You can now shop for keyless door locks that you can control with your phone. These locks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenience and security while still looking sleek and modern.

What about handles—do you prefer doors with knobs or levers? These are all things to think about when shopping for a door. You’ll also want to consider security when choosing between different handle types.

Fire rating

The time it takes for a door to reach 350 degrees is known as its fire rating. This rating is determined by the time it takes for the door to reach this temperature. The lower the number, the higher quality of your door.

The main reason for having a high-quality fire rating is that a lower-quality door will burn through more easily than a higher-quality one would. This means that you don’t need to worry about safety risks with your family or pets if they’re inside during an emergency.

Vinyl, fiberglass, or steel?

Vinyl is the most common and affordable option, while fiberglass doors are more durable. Steel doors are the strongest, but they can also be very expensive. Each material has its own pros and cons, so it’s essential to consider what’s most important in your home before making a decision.


These are just a few of the features that you should consider when purchasing a new door. You can look out for many more things, but these are some of the most important ones to keep in mind when shopping for your next door.

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