What Are the Benefits of Wearing Blundstone Boots?

Written By Alla Levin
August 10, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Blundstone Boots?

Women love their boots as much as men. Although enjoying a respectable status as fashion footwear during the 1960s, they gained rapid popularity during the 1970s. Boots exude style, class, and confidence, besides being highly versatile and durable.

But just like shoes, this sturdy and stylish footwear comes in various designs, sizes, and shapes. Take, for example, the Blundstone boots. They are trendy because of their superior features and preference by celebrities like Kate Middleton and Ellen Page.

Folks should try these if they haven’t done so yet. Your feet will thank you, and one can flaunt them with style even at work. Here are some reasons behind their popularity.

Highly durable

Blundstones have high durability and last longer even with regular rough wear. One could wear them through mud and slush, and they would stand up to the test impressively.

Allow the feet to breatheAllow the feet to breathe

Besides durability and functionality, these boots rank impressively on the breathability factor.

They have a comfort footbed (also known as insole), a cushion that carefully cups the feet while giving them sufficient breathing space. Interestingly, most podiatrists recommend this footwear for its comfort-giving properties.


Because of their waterproof leather uppers and elastics, this footwear can handle wet, swampy conditions without incurring even the slightest damage. They are suitable even during rains and prevent your feet from getting wet.

The reason is the use of Greasy Kip leather during manufacturing, which is the most water-repellent leather one can come across.

Goes with almost anything

They are very versatile. You can pair them with summer jeans, black tights, leggings, and skirts, as they look fab with all of them, besides being appropriate work dresses.

Extremely lightweight

Heavy shoes burden the feet and cause problems like repetitive strain injuries. These boots are incredibly lightweight, with an average weight of about 900 grams. However, the exact weight differs depending on the specific model or size.

Provide good stability

Torsional stability is of the utmost importance, especially when working on uneven surfaces where your feet are likely to twist, bend and sprain. These boots have a steel shank, an elongated structure between the insole and outsole that supports the feet.

Efficient shock absorption

Have you ever landed on a hard surface and felt a shockwave running through your body? That’s the result of wearing a shoe without a polyurethane sole. A PU sole has low density, high elasticity, and soft texture, which prevents the feet from bending and offers incredible shock absorption.

Heat resistant outsole

If your job requires you to walk in heated areas, this is what you should be wearing on your feet. Their outsoles are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 140 degrees Celsius without melting, cracking, or misshapen.

Available in a wide variety of colors

They are available in steel grey, black, rustic brown, antique brown, chunk sole black, chisel toe dress black, and other colors.

What to check before buying them?

You should check if a boot has the necessary features like a removable footbed, polyurethane midsole, steel shank, leather upper, and thermo-urethane outsole. If you are buying them for industrial use, it is advisable to check whether they meet the guidelines recommended by the Canadian Standards Association.

Before placing an order online, check if the dealer has a return and exchange policy since you might have to return a pair if you don’t like them initially.

You should consider buying Blundstone boots for their fantastic durability, elasticity, flexibility, and waterproof resistance. They combine functionality with aesthetics and go well with almost any dress you wear.

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