Freight Forwarder Amazon FBA: Transportation Peculiarities

Written By Alla Levin
August 19, 2022

Freight Forwarder Amazon FBA: Transportation Peculiarities

Modern China is the world’s largest exporter, with which many companies have been cooperating for more than one year. Conveyance of goods is carried out using all types of carriage – trains, planes, trucks, and ships.

Each delivery from China to the USA is a complex and responsible process that requires deep knowledge of logistics and the release of many documents. Our responsible ARDI Express Company is ready to take on all the work related to the goods dispatch and the preparation of the required documentation.

We work with clients on a contract basis, specializing in a wide range of services in cargo shipment, customs clearance, and warehousing. We have an extensive fleet of transport equipment to carry out the work. Your property will be delivered in a complete set via any method of freight shipment. We guarantee the safety of the goods by detailing this item in the contract.

ARDI Express Company is also perceived as a freight forwarder Amazon FBA and is focused on long-term cooperation and value your money and time, therefore our specialists offer:

  • Full support of the transaction: from negotiations with the supplier and the purchase of goods to freight forwarding.
  • Cartage under your contract. You do not need to be distracted from essential matters in order to control the delivery process: we take care of all organizational issues.
  • No financial risks. We are a reliable company that has a good reputation and offers the possibility to track the cargo on the required website.
  • There is free storage, consolidation, and additional packaging of goods in various provinces’ warehouses. We will send a video and photo report upon request so that you make sure that everything is proceeding according to plan.
  • The portage price is calculated individually. Only the actual weight and volume of the consignment are taken into account.
  • We also offer collection and execution of documents, the same as the quick passage of customs control.
  • Transparency of the transaction, no hidden fees.

Logistics work in this area includes an extensive list of activities. All the nuances are negotiated with the client; in particular, the optimal route and the appropriate type of transport are selected, taking into account the characteristics of the goods. Negotiations are underway with a Chinese supplier on the delivery of goods. Goods are received and processed at our warehouses in China.

If necessary, products are sorted, packaged, and labeled before shipping. In addition, the cargo may be temporarily stored in our warehouse. The goods are loaded on the selected type of transport. You can control your cargo’s work and balding by contacting a personal manager assigned to each customer.

Features of Amazon FBA from China to the USATransportation Peculiarities

There’s a possibility to convey small consignments of items from China. You do not need to pay for the entire transport in this case: payment is made only for the place in the container that the conveyed property will occupy.

The cargo consolidation is highly in demand among owners of small and medium-sized businesses engaged in the wholesale and retail trade of clothing, household appliances, and other types of products.

Methods of goods delivery

Our company can transport cargo from China using 4 types of transport. Air transport is distinguished by fast delivery speed and large capacity. This option of cargo transportation is especially relevant when it is necessary to deliver goods to the Amazon FBA in a short time. The vehicle takes from 5 to 14 days, depending on the volume of cargo and weather conditions.

It’s easy to portage most types of goods, including perishable ones, with the help of air transport. Delivery is carried out not only from major transport hubs in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and many others) but also directly from Chinese provinces directly to the required American locations.

Ocean freight (FCL/LCL) is transported using water transport. This type of delivery takes a few weeks. On the other hand, such a solution is advantageous in terms of prices and allows you to convey large volumes of goods.

The route of the ships runs from the ports of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and other Chinese cities. Goods are delivered to the docks, and then transported to the capital using trucks and trains.

Express (UPS, DHL, FedEx) is the fastest solution that minimizes the waiting time but has a relatively high price when organizing cartage which many consider justified due to favorable conditions and efficiency.

By the way, we help to save on delivery from 5% to 30% and do not have intermediaries. Our managers speak Chinese, and we own offices and warehouses in P.R.C. Great attention is also paid to privacy, so you don’t have to be afraid of information leakage.

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