How Taxi Business Can Go Green

Written By Alla Levin
August 22, 2022
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How Taxi Business Can Go Green

The transportation industry accounts for a huge portion of greenhouse gas emissions. In the United States of America, for example, transportation causes 27% of total U.S.A. greenhouse emissions. Not only does it make up more than a quarter of emissions, but it also makes up the largest batch of emissions from one industry.

While most of the emissions in this figure are shipping and freight, all drivers also make up a portion of emissions. Not only that but cities, in particular, are hit hardest due to congestion and idling engines.

Drivers everywhere need to do what they can to go green. Even though inter-city pollution is a big problem, fuel costs are rising at staggering rates – cutting directly into taxi drivers’ profits.

Going green can increase your profit margin, help your city, and future-proof your business. Start today by:

Switching to Hybrid or Electric Vehicles

Upgrading your vehicle to an electric (if you primarily operate within city limits) or a hybrid (if you take longer trips with customers) is a great way to not only make your taxi business greener but is also an excellent way to cut back on costs.

Gas and petrol prices will only continue to rise, so moving as far as you can from them is going to work wonders for your bottom line. You can find a cab-ready hybrid or electric taxis like the Toyota Corolla or the IONIQ 5 EV from

Taking More Direct RoutesSwitching to Hybrid or Electric Vehicles

Some cities require you to take knowledge tests to know the city like the back of your hand. There is an infamous knowledge test in London, which takes around 4 years to study for and complete.

If there is no such requirement in your city, then at the very least, using the live maps features that account for factors like construction and traffic when deciding routes is a must. Look online and stay abreast of news so you can avoid being stuck in traffic as much as possible.

Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

When you clean your vehicle, try to use products that are safe for the environment. This applies to both interior and exterior detailing. These environmentally friendly products work well, but they can also be a feature if you operate a private driving service.

How Taxi Business Can Go Green: Regularly Maintaining Your Vehicle

With how expensive modern features and computers are in vehicles, a minor accident could write the entire car off. While you cannot account for accidents, you can do your best to keep your taxi in good working order.

This means cleaning it regularly (especially in winter) to remove any salt, dirt or other materials that may eventually eat their way through your vehicle.

Getting it serviced and using high-quality performance materials is another great idea. If you can keep your machine working smoothly for longer, you’ll save overall and help fight against vehicular waste.

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