Top Tips to Care For Your RV 

Written By Alla Levin
August 22, 2022
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Top Tips to Care For Your RV 

An RV is not a small piece of equipment; it is an extremely large motor vehicle that costs a lot of money to purchase and run. It is therefore vital that you learn how to take good care of your RV so that it lasts longer and will successfully take on your adventures. 

You are looking after it means keeping it in good condition, learning how to check for basic issues, and knowing what to do if there is a problem. Whether you have owned an RV for a long time or you are thinking of purchasing one, here are some top tips to help you care for your RV. 


It is just as important to consider maintaining your RV when you are not using it. This is because when you are not traveling in it, it is sitting idly, and this is often where problems can occur.

You can find vehicle storage units for your RV, so it can stay well protected from the weather. If you just leave it on the road, not only will it take up space, but it can begin to rust and become problematic. 

Regularly inspect the seams and sealsTop Tips to Care For Your RV 

Every few months, you should check the seams and seals on your RV. This will prevent any water from leaking through and causing damage. This may start small, but if it is not dealt with quickly, it can become detrimental and expensive to repair because it will impact the entire structure of the vehicle and make it unsafe.

It can also cause dampness and mold, which is bad for your health. The seals tend to be weaker than they are in a home, so it is important to check these every few months. 

Check it is roadworthy 

Before you head off on any journey, you should create a checklist that will enable you to inspect your vehicle thoroughly before you travel. This will ensure you are safe, and your car will not have any problems on route.

This list should include checking the tire pressure, tightening wheel lug nuts, checking the battery, topping up the oil and other necessary solutions, checking the brakes work, and more.

If you have not used your vehicle in a while, these checks are extremely important as you never know how worn down your vehicle is after sitting in storage. These checks will minimize any risks and ensure your RV is roadworthy 

Check your wastewater systemTop Tips to Care For Your RV 

One of the benefits of an RV is having everything you need on board, including a restroom. If you don’t look after your wastewater system, you will have a highly unpleasant job of sorting out any issues that may arise.

A poorly managed wastewater system can clog the system, cause a failure of the operation and even seize the valves. Ensure you have thoroughly cleaned these before and after any trip and are using the correct chemicals. 

Maintaining your RV is important for a successful trip and keeping your vehicle in good condition. Without regular maintenance checks, you risk breaking down, driving an unsafe vehicle, or investing in costly repairs. 

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