10 Reasons To Choose a Murphy Bed Over a Regular Bed

Written By Alla Levin
August 31, 2022
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10 Reasons To Choose a Murphy Bed Over a Regular Bed

A Murphy bed is the answer if you want to expand your home without expensive refurbishments. Claim back the space you need with a versatile wall bed. It has several unique features that make it a compelling choice over a regular bed.

What is a Murphy bed?

Suitable for small spaces, a guest bedroom, home office, condo, tiny house, or RV, the Murphy bed is a pioneering piece of furniture designed to optimize space. It provides endless comfort, durability, and customization options, making Murphy beds a worthwhile investment for any home.

How is it different from a regular bed?

A Murphy bed looks and feels the same as a conventional bed, but what sets a wall bed apart is the utility of being able to fold it up into a cabinet, bookshelf, or desk. When the Murphy is not in use, it provides a lot more floor space so that the room can be used for other purposes.

10 reasons to choose a murphy bed over a regular bed10 reasons to choose a murphy bed over a regular bed

Murphy beds can be vertically or horizontally stored against the wall and concealed within a frame that doubles as a closet. With regular beds, there is no flexibility in simply hiding them when you need more space. For this reason and more is why Murphy beds can be the better option to transform your living areas.

Choose a Murphy Bed: Easy to use

Using rollers and other easy lifting mechanisms, Murphy beds are no longer perceived as rickety beds falling out of cupboards. Craftsmanship has come a long way in making wall beds safe and easy to use whenever you need them.


Almost any room within your home can be turned into an adaptable space. Instead of keeping a spare bedroom unoccupied for most of the year, add a Murphy bed and transform the guest room into a home office during the day. A Murphy bed can convert a space for dual use in countless ways.

Save space

The extra space a Murphy bed offers is among the most important considerations. You can make the most of your available living space where area is at a premium, by choosing a flexible Murphy bed. It’s more practical than having a conventional and cumbersome bed taking up all the room.

Easy to customize

Murphy beds can have built-in custom cabinetry to suit your needs, like having a media unit, desk, or shelves on display when the bed is stored. Lighting, nightstands, and selected finishes can be added to drawers, so you can still enjoy adding your decorative flair to enhance the room.


Quality-made Murphy beds are designed to withstand regular folding up and offer a solid and safe structure both when the bed is packed up and when it is used.

Transform one room into another

Having a second or third bedroom can raise the value of your home, but you can avoid all of the difficulties and inconveniences associated with constructing an addition. A Murphy bed can quickly convert a spare room, basement, attic, or home office into a usable bedroom. You will gain a lot by spending a little on a Murphy bed.

Decrease clutter

You have the opportunity to incorporate various organizational choices with Murphy beds. Whether you place the wall bed in your living room or home office, the available space will allow you to add storage for home supplies, linen, or books and keep everything neatly tucked away.

Extra storage10 reasons to choose a murphy bed over a regular bed

One of the best Murphy bed benefits is that even though they already save you space around the house, they also provide you with more storage. You can choose to include creative storage solutions, so there’s more space and less clutter, and it extends the room’s functionality.

Great for people who work from home

This arrangement is very effective for a home office or even a bedroom/office nook in the main area of a studio apartment. The Murphy-style wall bed is concealed during the daytime to keep the room focused on being a workspace. The bed is then put away at night to reveal a cozy sleeping space.

Choose a Murphy Bed: As comfortable as regular beds

Murphy beds have evolved to accommodate high-quality mattresses you would get on a regular bed. As a result, you get a good night’s sleep and can wake up feeling invigorated and prepared to take on the day.

Is it worth investing in a murphy bed?

Murphy beds are practical, cozy, sturdy, and available in various styles and dimensions. These beds are a sound investment for guest rooms, condos, or rooms that you want to use for other purposes besides sleeping.

The cost of a murphy bed is comparable to buying a good quality conventional bed with the advantage of getting more than just a bed. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or durability, and a quality Murphy bed will last just as long as any regular bed.

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