How To Keep Boredom at Bay
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How To Keep Boredom at Bay When You Have a Weekend Devoid of Plans

There’s no denying that we all countdown the hours, minutes, and seconds from one weekend to the next. For those fortunate enough to have the luxury of not having to work, the weekend presents us with forty-eight total hours to spend however we want, whether by spending time with family and friends or confining ourselves to the couch playing Jackpot Casino games.

However, we’re sure that everyone reading this article can attest that they seem to pass by in a blink of an eye before we even get the chance to enjoy them, especially when we’re expecting a weekend full of fun. Yet when you’re facing a weekend devoid of plans, it can be challenging to keep boredom at bay.

Whether your friends are spending a couple of days out of town, or your work week was so busy that you didn’t have the time to plan anything, we’re sure there have been one or two instances where you were left grappling for ways to spend your weekend.

Do not worry if you have found yourself in this situation, as we’ve compiled a list of activities to help you keep boredom at bay and prevent you from letting your two days off go to waste – keep reading to learn more.

Play Online GamesPlay Online Games

When you’re sitting twiddling your thumbs on your couch and need to beat the looming feeling of boredom while you’ve got nothing to do or have some time to kill, playing an online video game is one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained. Unlike console games, web games are convenient for filling gaps in your time since they don’t involve much commitment or effort to play.

Like popular console games, you can choose from various web games to play online, from first-person shooting games to roleplaying games, meaning you can find games to suit any mood or niche you might have.

One of the most popular categories of web games is online casino games from sites like Jackpot Casino, which can not only help you curb feelings of boredom but give you the chance to earn a little extra cash on the side.

Consider learning more by visiting sites like those above, where you can browse their complete catalog of online casino games that you can play today, read how-to-play guides, discover tips for bettering your strategy, and much more. Head to their website for more information, or contact a team member directly to see how their games could help fill your weekend plans.

Try Out A New Hobby

If you’ve never had a regular hobby or would like a discover a new one, you could consider spending your free weekend trying out a new hobby. Sit in front of your laptop and start browsing for one-off classes or workshops on something new; ask your family/friends for a list of hobbies they reckon you should try or ones they enjoy doing, or search online marketplaces like Groupon for discounted deals on activities that you could try. Don’t be afraid to try out something completely random, as even though you might have apprehensions at the start, it could end up being an activity that you love and want to continue.

Sign-Up For Internet DatingSign-Up For Internet Dating

As well as being an excellent place for passing the time, the internet has become a popular way of connecting with potential romantic interests, with dating apps like Tinder receiving 6.5 million downloads per month across South Africa and other countries. Download the app, register your profile, and start chatting to the hundreds of singletons on the platform. Once you get past the initial awkward banter stage, you could consider asking someone to hang out and see where things lead.

Alternatively, if you already have your eye on a prospective partner, you could consider biting the bullet and asking them out while you have a free weekend. You never know what they might say, and it could become the start of something new between you both.

Free Up Time For Your Future Self

Although spending your day off getting those nagging tasks out of the way might be the last thing you want to do, while you have no plans, it’s an excellent way to free up time for your future self.

Whether this is by cleaning your car, tidying up your apartment, or getting a head start on some work for your job or university – it’s a good idea to get these admin-like tasks out of the way sooner rather than later so you have more time to spend doing the activities you’d rather be doing.

Not only does it allow you to be on top of these admin-like aspects of life, but it will make you feel better about doing them and avoid you feeling stressed when the deadline for their completion draws closer.

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