At Fault In A Car Crash
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At Fault In A Car Crash? How To Deal With It

About 20-50 million car crashes happen worldwide every year, and this can be very challenging to avoid when the roads are too saturated with cars here and there. And a few seconds of carelessness and unfocused attention to driving could end up hitting the car in front of you. When this happens, it pays to know how to tackle this predicament on your own.  

Even if you acknowledge your fault in a car crash, there are specific steps to take before you settle an agreement with the opposing party. You should have a personal injury lawyer who can assist and define gross negligence in accidents so you’ll know what situations to avoid. Since car accidents are stressful enough, it would help to learn the proper steps to take when dealing with them. 

Here are some tips that will guide you when you experience a car crash that is partially your fault: 

Check Anyone For Injuries And Move Car Aside

No matter how big or small your car accident is, the first step is to identify any injuries immediately. Even if the impact is light, chances are there could be passengers who got injured or hurt.

Contact the ambulance right away if severe or fatal injuries happen. In an event when all passengers are safe and unhurt, the next step is to move the cars aside so you won’t cause traffic. 

Get the vehicles off the main road and onto the sides of the street if possible. Ensure that both cars have their hazard signals on. Sometimes, failing to park on the side of the road could potentially result in more car crashes and complaints from other drivers.

Aside from hazard signals, both drivers should also display emergency road triangles as a warning device for other drivers. This is one of your vehicle’s must-have emergency kit.   

Contact The Authorities Right Away  At Fault In A Car Crash

After the accident, your first instinct should be to call the police and authorities and report the accident. They should be the ones to take charge of how to go through with this unfortunate situation.

They’re responsible for creating the accident report, which will later help decide who was at fault and calculate compensations. Wait until the police arrive before moving the cars or changing the scene. Ensure you and the other party wait for the police to ensure a smooth settlement.  

No matter how serious or light the accident is, calling the police is required by law in many cities and countries. This also ensures both parties can settle into an agreement in an organized manner. The police serve as the unbiased party who will report both sides’ faults and create a fair conclusion of the accident.  

During these reporting scenes, taking pictures or videos of the scene is crucial. Gather proofs, ensure both cars have their dashcams on and check if any witnesses are nearby. Police officers who respond to the scene will document the scene and fill out a detailed accident report.

However, if the police won’t be able to come to your location, you should be the one to create the report yourself and prove it through the evidence acquired on the scene. 

Communicate With The Other Party Calmly

After the police come and reports are recorded, it’s time to start interacting with the other party calmly. Ensure to get their contact information, including their address, mobile number, complete name, and other details.

Never raise your voice when talking about the accident, and always stay professional to resolve the matter quickly. Find out if you can reach an amicable agreement. Otherwise, go with the police officers and determine the right resolution for the situation.  

Determine Fault

Whether you’re at fault completely or partially, this step is important to validate who compensates who. Injured parties’ damages will be determined by finding out who is at fault, along with who is liable for their damages.

However, this is a very sensitive step, so it’s important not to agree or promise any payment for compensation until you’ve talked to your lawyer about it. Generally, you can contact your insurance company to settle compensation for the car accident victim. However, before doing this, it’s still crucial to call your attorney, the next item on the list.  

Call Your Attorney

It can be costly and stressful to cause a car accident. Sometimes, the victim party could take advantage of the situation and demand more compensation than necessary. This is where you need to seek guidance from your injury lawyer. You can protect your rights throughout the process with the assistance of a car accident lawyer. In an accident, you shouldn’t be responsible for more than your degree of fault. 

Car repairs and personal injuries can be expensive. In case of insufficient insurance coverage, the other driver may demand monetary forms or other settlement means to make up for the difference. It’s essential that you’re not on the losing end of this bargain, so ensure to contact your experienced accident attorney.   

At fault in a car crash: conclusion

Although you haven’t been caught in a car accident recently, it pays to know what steps to take in case you get yourself in this situation. If you follow these steps, you may avoid unnecessary worries after an accident. After all, there are things you should expect after a car crash. It’s essential to be careful in dealing with the other party, even if you acknowledge fault in the car accident.   

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