How Much Does iPhone 12 Screen Replacement Cost?

Written By Alla Levin
September 15, 2022
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How Much Does iPhone 12 Screen Replacement Cost?

If your iPhone 12 screen is cracked or damaged, you may wonder how much it will cost to replace it. While the cost of screen replacement can vary depending on the severity of the damage and the type of replacement you choose, the average cost of an iPhone 12 screen replacement is $279.

If you have insurance through AppleCare+, iPhone 12 screen replacement will be covered. Otherwise, you will need to pay out-of-pocket for the repair. If you choose to repair it yourself, you can purchase a replacement screen for as little as $109. However, they recommend taking your device to a professional for repair to avoid further damage.

Factors that affect the price of iPhone 12 Screen Replacement

As the newest release from Apple, the iPhone 12 has many features that users are excited about. But as with any new technology, there are bound to be some bumps. One area that users are already finding problems with is the price of iPhone 12 screen replacement.

A few factors affect the price of iPhone 12 screen replacement, including the type of screen that is being replaced and the location of the repair. In some cases, the price of an iPhone 12 screen replacement can be almost as much as the cost of a new phone.

While the price of an iPhone 12 screen replacement may be a bit higher than some users were expecting, it is still essential to get the repairs done by a qualified professional. There are a lot of delicate parts in the iPhone 12, and it is essential to make sure that the repairs are done correctly to avoid any further damage to the phone.

How long is the iPhone 12 warranty?How Much Does iPhone 12 Screen Replacement Cost

iPhone 12 comes with a 1-year warranty and complimentary technical support for 90 days. AppleCare+ for iPhone has extended coverage to 2 years upon purchasing an AppleCare+ and added coverage for accidental damage of up to 2 incidents. Each incident has a $29 service fee for a damaged screen, or if it’s another type of damage, it’s $99, including applicable tax. Additionally, Apple experts are available 24/7 for priority access by phone or chat.

Benefits Of AppleCare+ Insurance for iPhone 12 Screen Replacement

There are many benefits to having AppleCare+ insurance for your iPhone 12, especially when it comes to screen replacement. Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  1. AppleCare+ gives you two years of hardware coverage for your iPhone 12, which includes coverage for accidental damage, such as a cracked screen.
  2. AppleCare+ also provides 24/7 technical support from Apple experts, so you can get help with any issues with your iPhone 12.
  3. If you need to replace your iPhone 12 screen, AppleCare+ will cover the cost of the replacement screen and the labor costs associated with the replacement.
  4. AppleCare+ also provides coverage for other repairs, such as water damage or battery replacement.
  5. Finally, AppleCare+ gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered in case anything happens to your iPhone 12.

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