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Sanskrit Tattoo: Meaning and Design Ideas

Sanskrit is an ancient extinct language of India. People who believe in the higher power of this language use mantras and separate symbols to give themselves strength, enter a particular psycho-emotional state, and find harmony with the world around them.

If you want the chosen symbol always to be close to you, serving as a kind of protection from evil or a reminder of your goal, you can get a tattoo on a critical body part. Unsure if this option is right for you? Then read this article about the importance of meaningful body drawings.

Importance of Tattoos with Meaning

In the modern world, tattoos have become a casual way of self-expression. Many people do not think long before applying another picture to their bodies. In some cases, such spontaneous decisions turn out to be very successful. However, experienced tattooists believe that there should be some meaning that matters specifically for you behind any tattoo.

With its help, you can fix some vital moment in your life or, having made it in a visible place for yourself, constantly mentally return to some ideas. Thanks to the embedded meaning, you are unlikely to be disappointed in a new drawing and will enjoy this work for a long time.

Nowadays, many countries treat and perceive tattoos as an everyday accessory. Previously, a deep sacred meaning was put in them, and they were used to emphasize the status of an owner or give them strength for some important event.

Nothing forbids you to treat tattoos as reverently as our ancestors did. That is why, before applying an ink drawing, you should carefully consider the sketch and not take the first picture you like. Moreover, some symbols may have completely different meanings.

Tattoos in SanskritTattoos in Sanskrit

Sanskrit tattoos fit perfectly into the concept with a special meaning described above. Given that this language has such a sacred value, using it to create body art like nothing else gives sense to the whole process. Among the most common designs in tattoos are the following symbols and words.


Have you noticed a symbol that looks like a stylized number “3”? It’s a Sanskrit character that stands for “breath.” It is believed that it can help you find inner and outer harmony. The Sanskrit Breathe tattoo can become your amulet and demonstrate your desire to rise to new levels of knowledge of yourself and the world. It is a deep and multi-layered symbol that can mean:

  • internal balance;
  • strengthening the spirit;
  • following the chosen path;
  • unity of the physical and spiritual;
  • renewal and creation.

Such a drawing, made in a place visible to you, helps you to become conscious, correct mistakes, and know yourself.

StrengthSanskrit Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas

If you need outside help, you can ask the higher powers for strength using the appropriate symbol. It will give you self-confidence; every time you look at the picture, you will realize that you can cope with any challenge.

You can draw this symbol separately or fit it into a cosmetic composition. Often, Sanskrit words and phrases such as “Fearless,” “One life, one chance,” “I am a warrior,” and so on are also used to give tattoo owners self-confidence.


Karma is one of the key concepts in many Hindu beliefs. According to this law, everything you do (good and bad) affects your next life. When reborn, you will feel the impact of all these events.

Therefore, if you want a new life filled with pleasure and happiness, do not do evil deeds now and send only positive energy into the world. A tattoo with the word “karma” in Sanskrit constantly reminds you to look after yourself and think about the future.


From the point of view of Eastern medicine and philosophy, there are seven main psychoenergetic centers (chakras) in our body. These are special points where energy is concentrated and responsible for certain aspects of our lives.

Each of them has its symbol with magical meaning. By applying them to your body in the form of tattoos, you can open the chosen chakra, develop certain qualities, and even radically change your life in the picked direction. Sometimes, people put all seven symbols along the spine, but single images are most often used.


If you’re ready for bigger tattoos and don’t want to limit yourself to small symbols, consider using mantras. There are freely available translations of Sanskrit mantras, sacred texts, and songs, from which you can choose phrases and verses that best reflect your worldview.

They will become your assistants on the way to achieving the goal and getting enlightenment and will simply support you in difficult times. You can style them your way: just leave them as texts, embellish them with ornaments, or write them off as a spiral, which is a symbol of evolution and vitality.

Choosing the Right LocationChoosing the Right Location

Since tattoos in Sanskrit carry a specific sacred and magical meaning, choosing a place for such a pattern should be approached with extreme care. If you want it to be a talisman, you can get a tattoo on your back, thus protecting yourself from an attack out of the blue.

If you want the drawing to constantly remind you of something important, place it in a visible place so that you can stumble upon it with your eyes and see it in the mirror. It is better to choose the area of ​​the body for which it is responsible for the chakra symbol. Getting tattoos using Sanskrit symbols on the legs, near private parts, and generally on the lower half of the body is not recommended, as it can be perceived as disrespectful.

Get Higher Power Support With Tattoos

Using Sanskrit as a tattoo is a good and original solution. The point is that the symbols and font are visually appealing in and of themselves. You do not have to create a whole composition to apply them beautifully to the body.

However, they also look good if inscribed in some large-scale drawing, for example, with ornaments or Hindu gods. Choose a symbol that is responsible for the area where you want to find support, and put it in the place you see most suitable.

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