Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Written By Alla Levin
November 29, 2017
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Tattoo Design For Men And Women

A tattoo is a highly personal thing. Today, more and more people use their bodies as the canvas for getting the most primal forms of personal art, and they have various reasons for this.  Some people use tattoos to highlight accomplishments and the passage into a new life stage. Some people use them to make things memorable and to strengthen their identity.  Some people want to put their cultural identification on their skin for all to see, while other people, on the contrary, prefer to show that they are not part of the larger dominant culture. So getting a tattoo is a nice way to express yourself.

It is generally believed that tough-looking men and just a few women prefer to get tattoo pictures on their bodies. But that`s not exactly true! In recent years,  tattoos have become increasingly popular among both men and women.

According to a poll conducted by Lightspeed Research, the fair sex is getting ink even more often these days. It turns out that 59 percent of women have tattoos compared to 41 percent of men. Of course, some “favorites” are considered basic tattoos and are often inked by both sexes.

Among some of the most popular tattoo designs for men and women, we see cool tribal designs, colorful geometric tattoos, traditional Japanese tiger tattoo ideas, impressive cross and crown tattoos, exciting family tree and heart inks, remarkable quotes, and amazing dragon tattoos designs. Both men and women try to get meaningful tattoos that will reflect their own personality and feelings, passion, and love.

Here are great tattoo ideas and protection symbol tattoos that might inspire you to get one. Spiritual Tattoos for protection means using some special  Tattoos that protect users from the anguish of people with negative thoughts or vibrations. It also protects against negative energy and to ward off evil.

See a Beautiful Collection of TattoosTattoo Design Spiritual Tattoos Spiritual Tattoos For Protection Tattoo Artworks tattoo design tattoo design

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