The Best Industries to Enter with No Experience

Written By Alla Levin
September 30, 2022

The Best Industries to Enter with No Experience

If you’re thinking about pursuing a new career, you might be put off by the thought of retraining or trying to find an entry-level position. Some industries and roles are hard to get into if you don’t have the required qualifications and experience, which can mean it takes years to make a change.

However, not all industries will require you to have lots of experience. For some jobs, it’s more about having the right personality, qualities, ambition, or skills than it is about having experience. If you can meet some of these other requirements, there are multiple industries where you could start a new career.


The insurance industry tends to be pretty steady. People want to protect various things in their life, from their businesses to their homes, cars, pets, and health. In tough times, people can even be keener to take out insurance to ensure they’re protected.

Training as an insurance agent often requires no experience. Take a look at PHP Agency reviews if you’re interested in exploring what a career as an insurance agent could do for you. It’s a sales-based role, so the most important thing is that you’re good with people and can build some sales skills.

Real EstateThe Best Industries to Enter with No Experience

Working in real estate is another example of a career where your attitude is more important than your experience or qualifications. You could become a realtor or real estate agent without prior experience if you are driven to push yourself and become a good salesperson.

The real estate industry can be a good choice for anyone motivated by the prospect of commissions for their sales. If you enjoy working with people and you like the idea of working with properties, real estate could be for you.


The tech industry might seem like a field that would require you to have a lot of experience. While it’s true that tech roles do require certain skills, you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of professional experience.

The industry has a skills shortage, so many employers are relaxing their recruitment practices. If you have some tech skills, such as knowledge of certain programming languages, and can provide evidence, you might be able to start a new career in tech. Even if you don’t have those skills yet, many free resources are available to help you build them.

Health and CareHealth and Care

The health and care industries are always in need of new workers. Some professions in the industry obviously do need some qualifications and experience. However, there are many roles where you can start without experience and work your way up to a position with more responsibilities.

For example, many home care roles are available to people without experience. You must show a clean criminal record, as many of these roles involve working with vulnerable people.

You don’t need to have the experience to start a new career. You could find a new role without having to retrain first.

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