What You Should Know About Air Miles Credit Card

Written By Alla Levin
October 24, 2022

What You Should Know About Air Miles Credit Card

Air miles are a kind of incentive offered by credit cards and are associated with airlines. With each purchase, the cardholder gets air miles. An air miles credit card offers miles for the money spent and is redeemable for future flights in economy, business, or first class. The more you shop, dine, and fly, the more you earn air miles. You can learn more about air miles credit cards in Singapore.

Credit card firms collaborate with major airlines to provide cards that reward users for their purchases. Some organizations offer customers a set number of air miles for getting a credit card.

Others offer clients to earn additional miles for spending on specific categories. If you have plenty of air miles, you can redeem them for an airline ticket. The terms of your credit card determine the air miles you gain.

When it comes time to use the air miles, you should choose an eligible flight. There are blackout dates in several air miles programs. During this time, you cannot use your miles for travel. These dates are typically near significant holidays when air traffic is at its peak.

Most credit cards that offer air mile rewards charge an annual fee. When determining whether a card is a good value, you need to keep the cost in mind. Pay off the used credit monthly to avoid paying interest to get the most out of your card. See if your air mile credit card is a good deal.

Air miles – How it works? Air miles – How it works

If you’re trying to find a way to make travel more economical, a credit card that offers air miles is one option. Assume your credit card demands 20,000 air miles to cover a round-trip domestic ticket. When you apply for a credit card, you will earn 5,000 air miles as a one-time incentive. For every $1 spent on air travel, you receive 10 air miles; for every $1 spent elsewhere, you receive two air miles.

Over six months, you will spend $1,200 on air travel and $12,000 on other items. You gain 12,000 air miles for flying and another 12,000 air miles for other purchases. Your overall mileage is at 29,000, which is more than enough.

Who are eligible for a mileage card?

Nothing beats earning and redeeming points for a “free” flight if you like to travel. If you enjoy traveling, chasing kilometers can be a very gratifying endeavor. Can’t you afford to pay more money for a non-economy seat? A points card may allow you to purchase a first-class ticket on airlines such as Singapore Airlines. Several mile credit cards also provide free lounge admission.

Suppose you are preparing to make a significant purchase. Miles demand spending to accrue a sufficient number of miles. A large-ticket purchase allows you to accelerate your miles trip, notably with the bonus miles benefits given by some credit cards.

What are the benefits of having an air miles credit card?

Domestic and foreign purchases help you earn miles redeemable for future flights. There is no compulsion to spend a certain amount. However, the number of miles you can get is unlimited. The other benefits are free airport shuttle, travel insurance, and lounge access.

What to consider when selecting a mileage credit card? Air Miles Credit Card

  • Here is what you should consider while choosing a mileage credit card:
  • Mileage earning rate/miles per dollar: How many miles will you receive for every dollar spent?
  • Which classes will give you the most miles for your money?
  • What is the annual fee, and should you pay it?
  • Aviation partners: What loyalty program does the bank provide? Krisflyer miles, for example, can only be used on Singapore Airlines flights.

With DBS Altitude Credit Card, you can accumulate flight miles that will never expire. The card rewards you with three air miles for every dollar spent on hotel and airline reservations online, two miles for every dollar spent abroad, and 1.2 miles for every dollar spent domestically.

To sweeten the deal, the card comes with a far greater earn rate of 10 miles for every $1 spent on Kaligo or Agoda, and 6 miles for every $1 spent on Expedia flight and hotel bookings. The air miles credit card is used for overseas travel rather than domestic purchases. As a frequent traveler, one cannot miss having it.

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