Escalate Your Career, Earn Your Degree

Written By Alla Levin
November 02, 2022
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Escalate Your Career, Obtain a Degree

Individuals may question why they should further their education in nursing. They do what they love by caring for patients and making a good salary. They want to know whether the cost of pursuing a BSN is worth it in the long run.

Men and women who have a bsn degree say it is worth it. They say numerous benefits come with securing a BSN. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Increased Job Opportunities

Many people choose to get a BSN to have more job flexibility. Over the past decade, hospital admissions declined. In addition, people don’t stay as long in the hospital. They receive their healthcare in outpatient settings, and much of this care is provided by nurses.

Individuals with a BSN practice in many settings. They may work in home health care, tackle case management, take leadership positions, and more. This degree allows them to work in any healthcare setting, including public health and mental health.

Increased Paypursue a BSN

While a person should not pursue a BSN simply because they want better pay, this does factor into the decision of whether to secure this degree. The 2020 National Workforce Survey reports individuals who obtain a BSN make more than those who only have an associate degree. The salary a person with a BSN will make varies by region and other factors.

However, PayScale reports that average men and women with a degree earn $87,000 a year. This is $17,000 more than a person with an ADN makes yearly. Medical organizations are willing to pay these individuals more as they strive to meet the expectations of the National Academy of Medicine.

Better Patient Outcomes

Res Nurse Health published a study in 2021 showing that patients improve when nurses provide treatment with a BSN. These patients saw a significant reduction in the odds of risk-adjusted mortality. They were less likely to be re-admitted to the hospital for the same problem, and their stay in the hospital was shorter.

This may be due to the complex skills individuals learn as part of the BSN program. As nurses with a BSN have more training and education, they can better treat their patients.

In fact, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing reports that individuals with a BSN are significantly better prepared in 75 percent of patient care areas related to quality and safety. Their patients have fewer decubitus ulcers, lower congestive heart failure mortality, and a reduced rate of deep vein thrombosis following surgery.

Preparation for Graduate SchoolAmerican Association of Colleges of Nursing

A BSN prepares an individual to further their education in graduate school. The graduate degree allows the nurse to provide advanced healthcare services. They may also work as an educator, scholar, or nurse scientist. Nurses today often serve as primary care providers because there is a lack of physicians.

Today, registered nurses outnumber physicians three to one. At the same time, the emphasis is turning to primary and preventative care. This means nurses with a BSN will increase in demand even more.

Obtain a Degree: More Autonomy

One reason a person may wish to pursue a BSN is they wish to have more autonomy. This is very important when a nurse works outside a hospital setting. They must be able to make decisions quickly to increase patient satisfaction while lowering mortality rates. They cannot wait to receive approval from a doctor in many situations. With a BSN, they won’t need to.

Securing a BSN allows the nurse to take on more responsibility. They make decisions in home healthcare settings, manage new technologies, and coordinate care for hospital patients. This benefits the healthcare system, which is currently strained by an aging population and a lack of qualified nurses.

A BSN May Soon Be Mandatoryobtain a BSN

New York now requires nurses to obtain a BSN within ten years of entering the profession. Other states look to do the same in the coming years. A person can be ahead of the competition if they take this step before it becomes mandatory. 

In addition, hospitals wishing to achieve Magnet status need nurses with this degree. For example, all nurse managers in the hospital must have a baccalaureate or graduate degree in nursing, and the same holds for nurse leaders.

These are only two of several requirements a hospital must meet before being granted Magnet status, as the program is designed to elevate patient care. The program aims to attract and retain nurses committed to providing outstanding care. Individuals with a BSN can provide this care, thanks to the advanced training they receive while completing the BSN program. 

A person with a BSN has more job security than those who have yet to complete this program. More healthcare organizations may follow New York’s steps and make this degree mandatory. When this day arrives, men and women who are proactive will find they increase their job opportunities. They can step into positions while others are continuing their education. 

Obtain a Degree: Online Learning

Once a person earns their nursing degree, they can pursue further education online. Many of these programs can be completed online in only one year. Look into ADN-to-BSN and LPN-to-BSN programs to find one that meets the learner’s needs. 

The flexibility of online learning attracts many individuals today. They continue to work and complete their schooling nights and weekends. In addition, some employers may be flexible if the student needs time off to complete assignments. 

Furthermore, if help is needed with the course material, the student has plenty of resources to turn to for this help. They have mentors on the job who wish to see them succeed and will help them learn the course material. Many people don’t have this support system when pursuing an advanced degree. 

Many benefits come with getting a BSN. Those mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. Learn more today about these programs to find the one that is right for the student. Those who pursue this degree never regret the time and money spent when doing so, as it pays off in countless ways in the future. 

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