Future Jobs: Jobs That Are Expected to Appear by 2025

Written By Alla Levin
May 25, 2020

Future Jobs: The High-Paying Jobs That Are Expected to Appear by 2025

Casting a keen eye into future jobs leaves two important scenarios: the well-paying jobs and those that will be in high demand within the next few years. Evidently, everything is increasingly becoming technology-focused and this means that the future job market will demand dedicated teams with tech skills in every sector.

As people acquire more skills in technology, then their pay will increase as well. A flexible skill set that fulfills the demand for the future of the job will guarantee you a spot in the future job market. While some jobs will become highly paying, others will drastically decline by 2025.

Indeed, it’s time to take stock of your skills if they are industry-flexible or if you need to change them for optimal job performance.

We, therefore, highlight the high paying best jobs for the future that we expect to appear by 2025.

Personal Digital CuratorPersonal Digital Curator

As the world evolves, with new ideas trending and information becoming new gold, you need to filter garbage from the content you’re offering to your audience and offer real value. Thus, you need a personal curator to assist in making your apps, websites, and software in order to drive your career ahead. It is one of the best jobs for the future.

Corporate Disorganizer

As we creep into the future, the job market will demand teams that can reorganize businesses to keep up with new times. These individuals are tasked with upgrading systems and determining new ways and cultures that catapult the business into new times.

Urban Shepherd

This is a specialist who deals with natural life within a city. An urban shepherd offers a professional guide into growing and caring for plants and micro-farms developed within unusual parts of urban centers. This is indeed going to be one of the highly paid future jobs.

3d Printing Handyman3d Printing Handyman

The idea of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file sounds brilliant, right? Well, many industries already rely on it for their processes. For instance, 3D printing is believed to be the future of the construction industry.

Yes, people can now print walls, houses, floors, roofs, and other parts but the trend is expected to skyrocket with new times. Manufacturing is not left behind as to the use of 3D printing. Manufacturers can use this technology to print component parts.

For example, 3D Printing Service makes on-demand manufacturing possible leading to shorter design and production stages. People with such skills are believed to be better placed to fill positions of 3D printing handyman.

Digital Death Manager

Businesses and individuals are increasingly maintaining a great deal of information electronically. These become their digital assets and when they die, they turn into a digital legacy. Now, there is a need for someone to manage such a legacy.

While there are lots of products developed to help in such scenarios, employing a digital death manager is the best way to ensure your digital assets are treated according to the digital legacy plan of the deceased.

Personal Life Log Archivist

This age is dominated significantly by archived life. There is a growing need for organizing, cataloging, and adding value to one’s tons of content as well as determining the potential uses of a person’s log life. If you are ardent about AI and you possess tech skills, you’re likely to reap greatly being a personal lifelog archivist.

Digital Detox Therapist

As the world gets immersed in digital life each day, people are increasingly experiencing constant connectivity.

Research by Nielsen Company reveals that an average US adult takes almost 11 hours daily to interact with social media. While social media obsession is never recognized as a disorder, experts reveal that its overuse could potentially cause social, physiological, and physical problems.

Therefore there is a need to refrain from tech devices, a digital detox. A digital detox therapist would create a unique analog immersion setting to help in abstaining from digital devices and constant connectivity.

Crowdfunding Specialistbest jobs for the future

New businesses and project ideas rely on crowdfunding to acquire funds for idea implementation. Usually, crowdfunding takes time, therefore requiring an organizer to design the best promotional content that maximizes donation.

A skilled crowdfunding staff may earn well in the future as a result of helping crowdfunding campaigns attain their crowdfunding goals.

Quantified Self Personal Trainer

Among the promising future jobs is a quantified self-personal trainer. This basically entails measuring several parameters of your daily life to identify tangible patterns of your life.

These patterns are, therefore, used to improve one’s lifestyle.

The patterns that often form one’s life patterns include what you eat or drink, your mental health, physical state, and performance. Although there are lots of Quantified Fitness Apps, it is expected that in the future, people will pay highly for a quantified self-personal trainer for advice on the most favorable life choices.

Vicarious VideographerVicarious Videographer

A vicarious videographer is tasked with taking unique pictures/ events through the use of lifelogging devices. As businesses seek to make their image robust, videographers come in handy greatly.

They create special video content for promotional or product content. As businesses turn to more competitive ways to gain attention in the market, the role of a videographer is likely to be in high demand through 2023.

Drone Pilot

Having been used before in military operations, drone technology benefits currently cover commerce and other industries as well. There is, therefore, expected to be an upsurge of drone use in the coming years.

With the rising use of drones, drone technology is also improving. We expect to see collision avoidance drones, effective data collection drones, and increasingly complex task drones.

Well, given the emerging global market demand for drone technology, the drone pilot role, especially those with urban experience, is hopefully one of the lucrative posts for future jobs.

Alternative Currency Speculatorbest jobs for the future

Today, currency speculation is undeniably driving the international economy. It involves buying and holding foreign currency hoping to sell it at a higher rate.

In fact, this industry is expanding with the emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies joining the industry. The best payout online casinos rely on this technique in their operations, for instance.

Check out this https://www.cinemacasino.com/. However, this is a risky business, given the volatility of the currencies.

It is going to be absolutely necessary to employ an alternative currency speculator who is familiar with trading strategies that minimize losses. Certainly, such staff will be paid highly, given their prediction prowess.

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