Things You Should Know Before Visit Qatar

Written By Alla Levin
November 11, 2022
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Six Things You Should Know Before You Visit Qatar

With Qatar 2022 almost here, you might already be packing your bags and getting set for your time in the country. But before you take the flight and make your way to Doha, you should know a few things. That way, you’re ready for what is to come, and you won’t be shocked when you first make it into the country. 

Many people have misconceptions about the country, and you might share some of them. So, we’re here to show you that some of your misconceptions and stereotypical ideologies about the country are not true and that the government is better than you think. So, here are a few things you should know about Qatar before you visit. 

Qatar Can Be Expensive 

Although this is a middle-Eastern Arabic country, you should know that Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and its people are living better than most citizens of the Western world. And because of that, the standard of living is steep compared to many Western countries. 

However, the country is also affordable because many things are readily available, and you won’t be charged much for using them, unlike in Europe or America. Therefore, you will find those things accessible at a lower price. But if you want a luxurious time, you’ll need to pay more than the standard price you’re familiar with. 

The People are Tolerant Before You Visit Qatar

Although many movies portray Middle Easterns as rash and intolerant, and because of that, you might have built an ideology about the Qataris, you should know that the people are tolerant and welcoming. So, you would have an incredible time visiting the country, even if you can’t speak their language. 

They are open to visitors and would be ready to host you. But you should adhere to their cultural keynotes to avoid offending them while you’re there. Qataris are cultural people who always uphold their culture in the face of anything. Therefore, you should consider that whenever you are in the country. 

Alcohol is Only Allowed in Certain Places

Since Qatar is an Islamic republic, you should know that they are opposed to alcohol and drug usage. Therefore, it is prohibited in the country. However, since they are opening up to the world and visitors might want to have a drink while in the country, they made provision for taking alcohol. 

So, if you want to have a drink or two, you should only do so in these designated areas to ensure that you’re not breaking any laws. It will help you if you can tell which areas are available for drinking. That way, you’ll know where to go before drinking and not bring alcohol into the country. 

Moving Around is EasyBefore You Visit Qatar

You should know that you can move around quite quickly in the country. There is enough commute in the country, and you can enjoy your time in the city. The country has excellent infrastructure that allows easy transportation, and the road network is top-notch.

Therefore, moving from Point A to Point B without stress is manageable. And if you know your way around the city, it will become much easier, and as a result, you can get to games fast before the rush so that you won’t have to be in long queues whenever you want to get things done before the kickoff. 

Art is a Big Deal

In Qatar, art is a big deal, and the people are very adamant about it. Therefore, you should take a tour around some of the top art centers in the country. You want to know their story and what they meant to the people. That way, you will better understand the country and ease your mind. 

You can visit the different art museums in the country or go sightseeing around other parts of the state to get more knowledge about the area and its ancient history. So, you should make art part of your itinerary when you visit. 

People From 87 Countries Can Visit Without Visas

The country allows people from more than 80 countries to visit without a visa. So, you can check in with the embassy or consulate to know if your country is part of the list to know if you don’t need a visit to make it into the country. If not, you might want to start the process today. 

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