Farhaj Sarwar Biography: The Success Story Of NRS Relief Director

Written By Alla Levin
November 15, 2022
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Farhaj Sarwar Biography: The Success Story Of NRS Relief Director

“Farhaj has worked long hours for this endeavor. He has sweated day and night to make this work. NRS International did not happen overnight. We became a highly driven company only after the efforts of Farhaj. We could see numerous NGOs working towards the betterment of society. We knew that we had to make a difference, and the one place we wanted to start was Pakistan, our motherland. The journey was going to be very long and difficult. The one thing that kept us going though was our mother’s blessings. She had taught us to be responsible citizens. More than that, she has always instilled in us a sense of compassion, empathy, and affection toward everyone who needs our help. The fact that we genuinely wanted to do something for humanity is what made NRS International what it is today.” – Says Farhan Sarwar, President, Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

NRS Relief / NRS International is the name of the most ambitious non-government organization by the founders of the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation. Farhaj Sarwer dreamed of establishing a highly purpose-driven enterprise that would make the lives of refugees, underprivileged people, backward communities, and everyone in need a lot easier.

Several segments of society are directly impacted by various incidents, such as natural calamities, disasters, violence, racial discrimination, terrorism, extreme weather conditions, lack of healthcare, inadequate education, and a lot more. NRS International is the one name that has always been at the forefront when it comes to helping out such communities in need.

They have manufactured various core relief items such as multipurpose tents, storage units, solar products, and a lot more. The UN Agencies have put their faith in NRS International for very obvious reasons.

NRS International And Its Products That Come With A PurposeNRS International And Its Products That Come With A Purpose

It all began when the faSarwar family was going through a crisis of their own. The entire clan has seen several hardships during their early days in Pakistan. They lost their loved ones because of a lack of proper healthcare, sanitation, and other public utilities that were not easily accessible to them then. This brought the entire family together, and they decided that they needed to make a change and that it would start with Pakistan and would spread out to the rest of the world gradually but surely.

Farhaj with his siblings and his mother’s blessings, started to design, develop, and supply various relief products all across Pakistan and to the various small countries of South Asia and the Middle East that were hit by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and famines. He specifically focused on areas that required assistance in unstable times, such as natural disasters, conflicts, and political and socio-economic unrest.

“We were very sure about our target beneficiaries. Their needs and requirements were at the heart of our every creation. This is exactly how NRE Relief and NRS International came into existence. Our biggest aim was to initiate, propel, and sustain the development of the various segments of society. We kept our focus on manufacturing some of the most sought-after and useful products that would empower not only people from all income groups but generations across the family.” – Farhaj Sarwar, NRS Relief Director

The Biggest Reason NRS International Follows A Sustainable Business Model

NRS International is one of the very few organizations involved in charity and humanitarian efforts all around the globe that have been a very strong proponent of sustainable business operations. They have always believed that the only way to do business smartly is to do it sustainably. They have always focused on achieving practical economic and social goals while always keeping in mind the environmental impact of their operations and activities.

The company is not focused on short-term gains but on long-term objectives that benefit the industry at a local and national level. NRS International has had a vision for providing useful products to its beneficiaries, keeping in mind the unpredictability of the demand curve that has always plagued Pakistan and many other parts of the continent. The sense of duty that prevails throughout the establishment can be seen in the workers, employees, partners, and associates of Bilqees Sarwar Foundation as well.

Efforts Leading To Manufacturing Excellence

“At NRS International, we were always aware that if we wanted to leave a mark on the minds of people while making a difference in their lives, we needed to establish very strong and highest standards of manufacturing and production processes. If you are aware of what H. Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din & Sons do, you would know that our biggest focus is the provision of relief essentials that are not just high quality and durable but stand the test of time and extreme weather conditions regardless of where they are being used. This was of utmost importance to us because we were catering to a large group of people spread across the Middle East and some far end of Africa. We have associated with several humanitarian agencies across continents and have been able to provide them with high-quality relief essentials throughout the year. Our rapid response teams are deployed across countries and have established links with local agencies and manufacturing partners, including suppliers and vendors, to fulfill the fluctuating demands of their population.”

Farhaj Sarwar, NRS Relief Director

NRS International and Bilqees Sarwar Foundation have worked for hand in hand for the longest time not only because they are the brainchildren of the same lineage of entrepreneurs but because their already established networks benefit from each other. The supply chain relationship they have been able to set up across countries is exemplary and has helped them achieve their goals of sustainable development and quality management simultaneously.

“We have worked across international borders and have been able to help people belonging from all walks of life. The NRS Relief story is not about a local NGO that went big and achieved global success. It is about how humanity and affection can defy all odds no matter where you are.”

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