Tips And Tricks For Caring For Dogs With Torn ACLs

Written By Alla Levin
November 18, 2022
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Tips And Tricks For Caring For Dogs With Torn ACLs

Your dog is your most excellent companion, right? Well, it’s your responsibility to take care of them. Their knee joint might stretch or tear. And this could lead to a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).

This condition is often characterized by acute or chronic pain. Watching them suffer can be highly devastating. But the good news is that it’s treatable. There are several treatment options. Read the Hero Braces Blog for more information.

Here are practical tips for handling ACL injuries and caring for your furry friend.

Enough Rest

Rest your pet for about six weeks. This will allow the knee injury to heal. Let them lie down for a considerable time. Please don’t allow them to walk or jump around. Make sure they don’t run until they fully recover. At this point, your pet needs to rest. 

RampsCaring For Dogs With Torn ACLs

Purchase ramps to help your dog climb onto their bed or couch. You may not always be there to lift them onto furniture. So, be sure to provide ramps for them. You can readily find affordable ramps at your local store. Shop around for cheap ramps to avoid breaking the bank.

Orthopedic Bed

Get them a comfortable orthopedic bed. Make sure its location is clean and safe. Ensure that food and water are easily accessible. Move your pet’s items to that resting place to ensure it feels relaxed. Could you not allow them to roam around? They might experience further damage to their knee joint.

Stair Gates

Stair gates will prevent your dog from roaming around. Plus, it’ll help them rest. Utilize these gates to keep your pet in one room and block them from climbing staircases. Ensure that the gate is high enough that they won’t be able to jump over it. At this point, you must limit your pet’s mobility. This will speed up their healing process.

Slippery Flooring

Don’t allow your pet to walk on slippery flooring. Make sure they only walk on surfaces that provide a good grip. If you aren’t careful about this, your pet might re-injure itself. Block off rooms that feature slippery flooring. You may also want to try covering your floor with non-slip rugs.

Key Takeaway

Does your dog have a torn ACL? Well, resting, and immobilization can help them recover. But if the injury is severe, it might require surgery to heal. Most dogs will need surgery to recover from such forms of tear. Consult with your vet to determine the best treatment plan for your dog.

Common surgery alternatives include supplements, as well as orthopedic braces. Once a vet diagnoses your pup with a torn ACL, they’ll recommend available solutions to support their health.

Caring For Dogs With Torn ACLs: The Bottom-Line

ACL surgery can be expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable treatment option, you can always opt for conservative approaches. These include diet, supplements, physical therapy for dogs, and orthopedic dog braces. Allow your dog to rest, provide them with ramps, and avoid slippery flooring. All these will speed up their recovery. 

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