How To Pick Which Vape Is Right For Your Personality

Written By Tom Hardy
November 29, 2022
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How To Pick Which Vape Is Right For Your Personality

You will come across many types of vape kits and devices available online and in physical stores. Making sure that you get the right device can be more complex. Below is a complete rundown of everything you need to know about vaping device types, vapour production, device size, convenience, flavours, and more.

Vapour Production

One of the most important things to consider is whether you want a small vapour or you prefer a massive cloud of flavourful vapour. That massively depends on the type of smoker you are, and if you are an average or a light smoker, you might want a low vapour production. While on the flip side, if you happen to be a heavy smoker, you will appreciate a high vapour production.

What is vapour production dependent on?

The vapour cloud production usually depends on the tank’s technology, the atomiser’s level of resistance in regards to the battery output, plus the type of e-liquid. When it comes to e-liquid, vapour production is dependent on the components that are used in its base (PG or VG). Aspire vape kit is more papular and trending brand among vapour community.

Vape Sizes

Different types and styles of vape devices are available both online and in physical shops. The vape kits range from large models to small size devices. The small devices are relatively lightweight and compact. These are mostly ideal for beginners, owing to their ease of use.

The mid-sized devices, which are called vape pods, are relatively bigger. Such devices will last you longer and also produce more vapour. The MODs, or the larger vapes, are practically for seasonal smokers. These are more powerful compared to small and medium size devices and produce much more vapour.

Flavour Choices

Are you more adventurous, or do you just want to stick with your favourite flavour? While cartridges come with pre-filled flavours, you can still mix other liquids to create custom-made flavours.

Complete VS a la carte

There is also a choice between complete and la carte systems. The complete systems come with a disposable atomiser or with a replaceable coil, but other than these, all components are found in a single place. Thus, making the complete systems easier to use, this easiness is more profound for beginners, as most need to learn how to purchase and piece all components together.

On the flip side, the a la carte systems will need users to choose separate vape kits and their components. Choose a la carte if you have the skills and the time to purchase and assemble your system.

Consider your Surroundings

When or where you vape doesn’t matter. However, it is best to consider your location while choosing a device, especially in a work environment. If you are working in a physical environment with some risks, consider getting a sturdily-built device. However, if you work in an office setting, where chances are that your device will remain safe, you can choose any device.

How to pick which vape is right for You: Final Thoughts

Vaping has become a relaxing experience for which many people now live, making it soar in terms of popularity. Whether you are transitioning or want to experience the magic of vape kits, it is worth a try. It is, however, essential to pick a device that suits your lifestyle and fulfils your requirements.

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