Opening a Bank Account (Portugal) Online: Is It Hard?

Written By Alla Levin
November 29, 2022

Opening a Bank Account (Portugal) Online: Is It Hard?

Those who would like to have an account in one of the Portuguese banks often wonder whether it is possible to do this without any significant effort being made. The answer is as follows: there is an opportunity to proceed with opening an account in the bank of Portugal online easily. But it is relevant to know what to do and what help to ask for. This article will be devoted right to this topic.

When is This Option Convenient?

Primarily, it is the only way out if you are not in Portugal right now. At the same time, you might need to open the account as soon as possible. For instance, you want to be involved in dealing with your own business in Portugal remotely. This is one of the potential situations.

Besides, such a way is going to be just great in case you do not want to spend your time or are very busy at the moment. It means that it is time to delegate this task to those who consider it to be their work regularly. As for the cards, you shouldn’t worry about them at all. They are going to be sent to your door as long as they are ready.

Be Ready with All the Documents

Before the process takes place, you should have all of the necessary documents scanned and ready. The list of what you are to provide depends on the intermediary you will be working with, but this is what you need to take care of usually:

  • A copy of your passport. It cannot be a photo, though. Only the scan is about to be accepted, and this is the requirement to meet in most cases;
  • Proof of work. There are different forms you may suggest, but a contract is going to be just fine. A digital signature is usually not required;
  • Statement of residence. Again, here you may have certain freedom speaking of what to provide. The rental contract is okay though;
  • NIF, which is a Portuguese taxpayer number;
  • The tax number from the country you live in if this is the case.

Carefully study the list on the site of the intermediary you plan to cooperate with. Feel free to ask questions if something seems to be unclear to you. It is a step that will help you to avoid potential difficulties when you open a bank account in Portugal online.

Think of the Provider to Work withOpening a Bank Account (Portugal) Online:

This is an aspect that determines how simple the process will be for you. If you choose the wrong people, you will face a lot of problems and may lose your money. That is why you need to be very attentive when selecting those who will properly help you.

So, let’s see what matters most of all when you are taking a look at the experts in the area of opening bank accounts in one of the Portuguese banks:

  • The image the intermediary has already created online. This means the way the former clients see the provider and what reviews they post about him. If all of this tends to be optimistic, feel free to consider a specific intermediary as a candidate for collaboration;
  • The site you will be interacting with. You should have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with a list of the essential documents in a clear way, take a look at the price, and so on. If there are some difficulties with this, it is time to search for something else;
  • What banks does the provider interact with? They have to be trusted and reliable. Novobanco is one of the best banks to open an account at. If you feel unsure about any of the bank names you see in front of you, devote a bit of time to studying this info.

What Else Do You Have to Know?Opening a Bank Account (Portugal) Online

You need to consider several aspects if you want your bank account opening to be as easy as possible. They are represented below.

First of all, make sure that you provide fine copies of the documents. The scans have to be clear and not contain any blurs. Otherwise, the process of opening the bank account may take too long because of the fact that it is impossible to find out what data is given in your documents.

Second, be as accurate with your data as possible. Do not suggest any wrong info. If you do not have a working contract, it is time to consider this situation and change something about it.

What is more, be patient enough. There is no sense in asking the intermediary too many questions. In some cases, the banks are really busy, and the provider cannot speed up the process of opening your bank account. That is why you need to wait a bit.

Good luck with opening a bank account in Portugal! I hope it will be as easy as you can imagine!

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