Delivery of Fine Art Pieces: Finesses and Delivery Tracking

Written By Alla Levin
December 02, 2022
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Delivery of Fine Art Pieces: Finesses and Delivery Tracking

Despite most spheres of our lives becoming online and electronic, there are still areas that were not so strongly affected by this tendency. Fine art is not one of them, but even though so many people prefer to draw and share their works through the Internet, physical fine art is still demanded and valuable.

You will most probably want to track your packages when you order fine art pieces from online shops and auctions, but what other aspects do you also need to consider before placing an order? 

Buying fine art – modern options

There are many ways to obtain fine art pieces:

  • the old way of getting it directly from the artist;
  • meeting in person to see the works, but ordering the delivery to other locations (region, city, country, continent);
  • participating in the auctions and getting the delivery from the storage point;
  • reaching a consensus with the other owner to buy a fine art piece.

And so forth. There are so many ways of purchasing or obtaining work in any other way so you can never list them all. But one thing that unites most is that arrangements on a purchase, win, or order is mostly made online. Such a way often requires international or local delivery, so you should be careful about details before reaching an agreement with the other party. 

Pros and cons of ordering pieces deliveryPros and cons of ordering pieces delivery

Referring to the mentioned details about ways to get a piece of fine art, we’d like to mention some advantages and inconveniences of arranging its delivery.


Among the benefits that shipping allows for, you will find the following:

  • it’s comfortable – you do all the arrangements, payments, and other manipulations online and by phone, then just come and get the item from the local post office, or the courier delivers it right to your door;
  • it’s fast – you save time (plus effort and money) by not going to the other party by yourself;
  • it’s definite – before agreeing, you will most often have some approximate time limits for writing (if it’s from scratch), packaging, and delivery;
  • it’s robust – the point is pretty disputed, but most shipping services now have a clear understanding of what special delivery conditions the art pieces need. Most of the couriers make you know if they have the necessary equipment for everything to be done properly.

More advantages depend on more specific matters.


Regardless of some undisputed comforts, delivery of fine still has some inconveniences to consider:

  • you need to invent or follow some ways to check if the piece you buy or order corresponds to what you pay for;
  • searching for a delivery service that can take care of specific pieces (like ancient fine art) takes some time, and you can finally discover that it is not possible without any risks;
  • you can take as many measures as you prefer to protect your parcel, but if something goes wrong, fine art is something completely unlike other goods that you order, so it may be more problematic to solve the consequences;
  • to order and deliver fine art, you need to consider too many aspects even if you ensure delivery to professionals.

Considering these points, you can understand what fine art delivery is like. 

How to avoid major problems with fine art delivery

To not solve most problems that OK art delivery can cause, you need to follow some rules and consider the most vital aspects for the pieces to stay intact independently of which shipping service or mode you choose.

To avoid most troubles related to fine art delivery, you can do the following:

  • consider the age of a piece – it determines the packaging requirements and delivery conditions (ask for professional’s advice if you’re not sure);
  • pay attention to the size and shape – it also determines the way of delivery, including securing details;
  • make sure that you’ve arranged the insurance – it rescues both you and a courier from misunderstandings in case of accidents or damage;
  • keep in touch with the other party you’ve bought your piece from – as they are honest, you will see their fair participation.

Keep yourself aware of other potential risks by discovering the peculiarities of buying fine art online if it’s your first time. for your calmness

The service is a website that allows you to track your parcels and keep updated on the most important shipment information. It helps track any package in any location delivered by about 750 couriers. If you work with several shipping companies at once, you can still use the same website for tracking all those parcels. 

When you buy fine art remotely or order the delivery after seeing the piece in person, you will need to track the package to keep an eye on its status. is one of the best services that provide all the baseline information concerning the delivery. So if you have taken all the measures to keep your parcel safe and sound, this platform will complete your prudence.

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