The Easy Way To Decide Which Broadway Show To See

Written By Alla Levin
December 09, 2019

Here is How To Decide Which Broadway Show To See

Do you have a love for the performing arts? Better yet, have you ever wanted to see performing art shows, but you have no idea where to even begin?

Well, it’s something that no one should miss out on whatsoever, and professionals in this business, like Travis Preston, will firmly agree that everyone should try out performing arts at least once. Honestly, what better way than with old-fashioned Broadway?

Figuring out which Broadway show you want to see can be a bit of a challenge. With more than forty shows running at any given time, you’re often paralyzed by choice.

And, unless you’re a theatre buff, you usually don’t have a well-developed idea of which shows you’ll like, and which you won’t.

If you don’t live in NYC, the stakes are even higher. When you’re traveling, you often only have time to see one show. You want to make sure that it’s the right one. Fortunately, the show you pick doesn’t have to be a nail-biting decision.

As the following decision tree infographic clarifies what Broadway shows to see, you can arrive at a show that suits you without much effort. Just answer the questions and then follow the arrows to find your ideal show.

What’s great about the following infographic is that it is designed for BOTH people who know everything that there is to know about Broadway and those who know nothing.

What’s more, it even takes into consideration your personality type, such as whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Extroverts can find shows that involve a lot of audience participation, and introverts can studiously avoid them.

Check out the following infographic. Which show does tell you to go and see?

broadway shows to see
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So, there you have it: a helpful infographic on Broadway shows to see that doesn’t leave anything to chance. Are you a theatre buff who should go and see a critically-acclaimed show, or just somebody who is new to Broadway and wants a feel-good experience?

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