Why Should You Get Your Furnace Cleaned Every Year?

Written By Alla Levin
December 05, 2022

Why Should You Get Your Furnace Cleaned Every Year?

If you have a fairly new furnace, you probably don’t give it much thought. It’s there when you need it, and that’s all that matters, but if you want it to continue working with the efficiency you’ve come to expect from it, you will need to do your part too.

Please don’t wait until your furnace has a problem before you pay it some attention. One of the best ways to keep your furnace doing its job is to have it serviced yearly, including a proper cleaning. You might also be interested in this article: What is an AC capacitor?

Cleaning your furnace every year will provide you with many money-saving benefits in the following ways:

Maximum Efficiency

To keep your furnace operating at the efficiency level intended by the manufacturer, you will need to keep it clean. Your furnace was tested in its optimal setting, so the close you are to its original level of cleanliness, the closer you will get to the energy ratings set for your unit. No one can keep a furnace in pristine condition in a real-world setting of continual yearly use, but the cleaner it is, the closer it will be to its set standard.

A yearly HVAC cleaning will remove any buildup dust, debris, or other contaminants that may affect how well the system operates. This will save you money on extra oil being burned by a dirty system or additional electrical being used because the system must work harder. If cost is a concern, you should consider that the improved efficiency gained from cleaning your system will often pay for the cost of having it cleaned and still save you money.

You can do some calculations if you are uncertain whether your cleanings are paying off. Compare how much you’ve spent on energy during years when you failed to have your system cleaned and what you spent during years when you had it serviced and cleaned.

By using the gallons of fuel or kilowatts of power burned rather than the monetary difference, you can see how much more fuel or electricity you use. Now, multiply that by the current cost of each unit, and you can see how much money you’ve saved.

Cleaner UsageWhat is an AC capacitor

The cleaning performed by a certified professional will remove any dust, debris, and grime that has accumulated in your system. In addition to the monetary savings it achieves at higher efficiency, these potentially harmful or smelly particles won’t be present to burn off and give off smells or contaminants. This will greatly improve the air quality of your home and reduce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming.

In addition, your service technician will check for any leaks and the presence of carbon monoxide that can harm the people and pets in your household. It is far better to prevent these problems than to deal with them after they happen, as they can be potentially deadly.

Noise Reduction

Furnaces are typically louder than many other pieces of equipment in your home. They tend to make quite a fuss when they first start up and then simmer down to a lower hum as they continue to function. However, they can grow louder as the years go by. Over time, they can develop loose parts, dislodging components and creating vibrations that can cause additional noises when in operation.

If these parts aren’t addressed through proper maintenance and cleaning, they will grow noisier and create larger problems. Your HVAC technician will secure any loose components during routine inspection and cleaning and replace any missing screws in the furnace and in the brackets holding associated ductwork and pipelines to return the noise to a minimum level.


With routine cleanings, you can prevent the buildups that may obstruct your ductwork, causing issues like reduced heating and poor energy efficiency, perhaps even overheating that shuts down your system. While dirt and debris can collect on inner surfaces and create blockages, you might also encounter rodents or other small animals that can get into your ducts and wreak havoc.

Having your ducts appropriately cleaned can eliminate any issues caused by obstructions before they become a more serious problem and improve your indoor air quality. You may even find that a block is a reason for uneven heating in some regions of your home.

Filter replacementGet Your Furnace Cleaned

While your HVAC system may have a simple filter you can replace yourself, homeowners with an oil-fired furnace need to do a bit more work or hire a professional. If you have a furnace that burns oil, you have an oil filter that needs to be replaced during cleanings. Oil tanks can accumulate sludge, and if you get low on the fuel in your tank, this can be pulled into the lines of your furnace, clogging your oil filter.

During cleaning, your HVAC technician will replace your dirty filter with a clean one, allowing oil to reach your furnace better and burn hotter, creating better heat for your home. If there is a severe sludge buildup in your tank, the HVAC technician can also remove what he can of it so that it doesn’t continue to create a problem for you.

Minor Repairs

During a routine cleaning, your HVAC can also inspect and repair any minor issues before they become a larger problem. Things like jammed mechanisms, leaks, loose parts, and worn components may be simple replacements that he can make without requiring a return visit. This preventative maintenance can keep your furnace up and running at peak efficiency for years to come.

If you haven’t had your furnace serviced or cleaned for quite some time, you might be surprised by the improved performance it can achieve with a little tender loving care.

Contact your local HVAC professionals and schedule a maintenance visit to get started with annual furnace services that can prevent greater problems down the road. Failure to provide this type of maintenance will reduce the lifespan of your furnace and cost you more in energy costs and repairs.

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