How to Be Civil and Raise Children Well Despite Parental Breakup

Written By Alla Levin
December 05, 2022

How to Be Civil and Raise Your Children Well Despite Parental Breakup

One of the biggest challenges that any parent can go through is a divorce or separation from their partner. It causes everyone’s lives to be turned upside down, from yours to the children. Despite this, it’s crucial to be civil and provide your children with the best upbringing possible. Millions of divorced parents worldwide do a great job at co-parenting – and you can do this, too.

Use the tips and tricks discussed here if you need some friendly help and encouragement. Hopefully, they’ll get you on the right track as you navigate your new family setup.

Take Co-Parenting Classes

In the months and years after a divorce or breakup, many co-parents get into daily arguments with each other. Sometimes, the arguments can be small; other times, they can be intense and emotionally hurtful.

If this sounds familiar to you, it might be a good idea for you and your ex-partner to check out Two Healthy Homes and their co-parenting classes. They will teach you essential parenting and self-care skills to provide your children with the best possible upbringing with minimal conflict.

Communicate ClearlyTwo Healthy Homes

Whether you’re living close by or far away, you and your ex-partner need to communicate clearly and efficiently with each other. Otherwise, arguments will occur, especially during changeovers.

Most co-parents choose specific mediums to communicate with each other through. For you, this might be phone calls and WhatsApp messaging. It’s about choosing what’s best for both parties.

If communication breaks down, then you need to document it. This is so that it can be used as evidence in any potential disputes in court. For example, if your ex-partner refuses to communicate and makes life difficult for you and your children, then this will need to be raised when you discuss it with a lawyer.

Make an effort to Go to Important Events Together

From parent-teacher conferences to birthday parties, it’s important that you make an effort to go to important events together. This shows that you’re unified and will also make your children better, as they will see that despite the fact that you’re separated, you can still get along and be supportive.

Have Monthly MeetingsRaise Children Well Despite Parental Breakup

At the beginning or end of every month, you and your ex-partner should come together and have an informal meeting. This could be at one of your homes or a local Starbucks – it’s a case of agreeing on a location you’re both happy with.

During these meetings, you should discuss everything related to your co-parenting relationship and your children. Are you both satisfied with the work you’re doing?

Do you have any complaints or concerns? Who will have the children this Christmas time? So many questions need to be regularly addressed; otherwise, it will cause major problems and communication breakdowns.

Conclusion: Good Luck on Your Co-Parenting Journey!

Raising children after a divorce or breakup is never easy. However, you can still give your children a great upbringing through hard work, consistency, and sticking to agreements. At the same time, you can keep your stress and anxiety levels low, which is also important.

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