4 Apps to Help You Write Thesis

Written By Alla Levin
December 15, 2022
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4 Apps to Help You Write Your Thesis

Writing a thesis is not an easy process. There are so many steps you need to go through that, at some point, it can get a little bit overwhelming. You need to choose a title, do thorough research, take notes, make an outline, conduct a survey and collect answers, then analyze them, and in the end, write your thesis.

You will work with a lot of papers and studies, and you will read lots of sources and highlight the essential parts. Besides organizing your writing process, you must also manage your time and the files you use.

So, writers who offer essay help at a genuine essay writing service have made a list of tools and apps to help you write your thesis. Choose the ones that fit your working style. Here they are.

  • Google docs;
  • Evernote;
  • Wunderlist;
  • Stay focused.

Google DocsGoogle Docs

For taking notes and writing your thesis, Google Docs might be the best tool you can use. It is similar to Microsoft Word, which is a good choice, but it is online. So, if you work online and do not have internet or wi-fi, all your changes are saved offline, and your document is updated immediately when you go back online.

You can also add comments or suggestions, mark some parts of the texts and highlight them with different colors, and even organize all your notes logically and smoothly.

The best thing is that you can also access your document from your phone. So if some ideas strike you while you are on the go, you can quickly update your document on your phone. And if you want to collaborate with your colleagues on the thesis, this can be quickly done as it is online, and everyone can access the document if you send them the link.


When you need to write your thesis, you go through many steps before you start writing. And one of the essential steps is research. You need to do thorough research and consult the specialty literature to see what other studies have been made on the same or related topic. In your research, you will read a lot of studies, articles in journals, or even books.

And you will come across a lot of important information that will serve as a good base for your thesis, so you need to take a lot of notes. Well, Evernote is one of the best apps for note-taking. You can also add pictures and videos, but also recordings. And you can organize your notes in folders and use color codes and tags too. So, it is a pretty nice app that will help you manage everything in a nice way that helps you write your thesis.


Wunderlist is one of the apps you can use for organizing your tasks. A thesis is a complex paper you must write, so there are many steps you must go through. And you also need to keep track of your tasks and set deadlines so that you are on track with writing your thesis.

Wunderlist is an app where you can write your to-do list, so you do not miss any process step. You can also set reminders and get notifications on your phone and laptop which will help you stay on track with your schedule.

Stay Focused

When writing a thesis or any other paper, you might experience a lot of distractions. Most of the work is done online, so it is easy to find a topic you are interested in and get into a rabbit hole with the research. But it might not be what you need to do for your thesis, so you need to eliminate distractions and be focused.

Besides making your home or dorm room a space that encourages productivity, you can also block distractions on your laptop. So, with the Stay Focused Chrome extension, you can stop the websites you know are usually distracting. Or you can also set a timer when most websites are blocked unless the ones you are already using in your research or for writing your thesis.

Apps to help you write a thesis: final thoughts

Writing a thesis is not easy, as it is a complex paper. However, with the right apps, you can easily do this and learn how to manage all your files, notes, and process steps. You can use apps for time management and to-do list reminders.

You can use apps that help you stay focused and block online distractions. And, of course, you can use apps to organize the whole note-taking and writing process smoothly.

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