St. Augustine Florida: Everything You Need to Know

Written By Alla Levin
December 20, 2022
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St. Augustine Florida: Everything You Need to Know

St. Augustine, Florida, is one of the world’s most historical and popular cities. Regarded as the oldest city- with continued residence- in the United States, St. Augustine is home to some of America’s most fascinating sights and places.

Aged over 457 years, St. Augustine lies along the Northeast Coast of Florida. It is ladened with colonial architecture of Spanish origin and beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches like the Tranquil Crescent Beach and Sandy St. Augustine Beach.

It is this strategic geography that makes it such an attraction to tourists around the world. With a population slightly below 15,000 (as of 2021), St. Augustine offers an air that is welcoming and relaxing, a suburban feel that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city you’ve left behind, the warmth and embrace of the locals, and picturesque sights that endears and invites—ever heard of the Castillo de San Marcos? It is a 17th-century stone fortress made by the Spaniards that offers an incredible view of the city’s inlet.

Perfect spot for a vacationSt. Augustine Florida

Whether you’re vacationing alone or with family and friends, St. Augustine presents the perfect setting for a fun-filled, relaxing, and enthralling experience. While summer is often the season for vacationing because of the weather, St. Augustine will be enjoyed best between March and May. The reason is simple; fewer people will be around that time, so that you can get hotels for lower prices. Temperatures are also more comfortable around this time, even though the city offers year-round sunshine.

The main attraction at St. Augustine is the rich dose of American history. Still, there’s so much more than that, including live music events and venues, art galleries, boutiques, and unique eateries. If you intend to vacation in St. Augustine, be sure to contact a trusted agency to set you up with the most comfortable hotel, great tours, and other activities to make it worth your while.

Places to visit and things to do in St. Augustine

There are so many top attractions in St. Augustine, and unless you’ve planned to stay for several weeks, you won’t be able to see and do them all. Therefore it is important to choose the most time-worthy places and activities on your trip. If you’re a fan of the paranormal, I’d suggest the night-time ghost tours at sites believed to be haunted by the original inhabitants and Spanish settlers centuries ago. A quick warning: this isn’t suitable for kids.

If you’re on a family vacation, you should try out activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family, from the St. Augustine Wild Reserve, Pirate and Treasure Museum, and the Lightner Museum to the fantastic beaches running through the Atlantic Ocean coast.

There are many fishing charters to book for your deep-sea fishing adventures. There are also great art museums in the city which are perfect for art enthusiasts. You may also want to visit the Colonial Quarter and other places at George Street, the Alligator, and Zoological Park, the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park, and the St. Augustine Distillery.

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