Tackling New Languages As You Travel

Written By Alla Levin
November 24, 2021

Tackling New Languages As You Travel

Travelling is one of the most fun and life-affirming things you can do in life; however, language is often a bottleneck for many people. When you need to communicate effectively, it can be tricky to tackle. If you are traveling from city to city, there is little time to get to grips with the most effective method – which is immersion.

Surrounding yourself with Easy Language Learning as you go. So what can you do to help yourself with simple things like shopping, needing a doctor, booking a taxi, or ordering food? 

Start online

Before you start traveling anywhere, you have access to many online courses. There are even free youtube videos that can help you with the basics of the language.  The idea behind these courses is that you learn the basics of the language while traveling in the country where it’s spoken. 

The techniques are different from traditional classes or textbooks – they make use of videos and audio recordings in various situations like at the market, on public transportation, and more to immerse you in the culture. You can also get helpful tips from locals that live in that country.

Language AppsGoogle Translate

Many apps can help you with this, but not all are worth downloading. There are many ways to learn a new language. You can take formal lessons, watch movies in a foreign language, read books in it or download an app to your phone. 

There are apps out there that will teach you a new language as you travel, and they will even track your progress and show how much better you’ve gotten at it! A language app can be the best choice for those who travel regularly. 

Opt for one with multiple languages so that you don’t need to buy new ones – instead, you can change the language as you go. One of the language apps that most people use when they get stuck is Google Translate – but you shouldn’t rely on it, as it isn’t always correct. However, it does get better as the years go by. 

Tackling New Languages as you Travel: Translation Books

A pocket language book can help you tackle the most straightforward sentences and words you will need to function well in a new country. It would help if you kept in mind that you will be asking for patience a lot as you go. 

It is good to add page tabs to the most commonly used words in advance and keep them color-coded. If you need to ask where the bathroom is, it is on a blue tabbed page marker. 

Keep in mind that most natives will appreciate that you have tried to discuss something with them in their native language and are often willing to help you. If you are already planning your exciting new adventure, you can read this great list: 10 Essential Packing Tips for Light Travelers.

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