3 Tips for Transporting a Car with a Tow Dolly

Written By Alla Levin
December 24, 2022

3 Tips for Transporting a Car with a Tow Dolly

Transporting your car is never a fun task. If you’re buying a new car from a dealership, it’s especially a hassle to get it from point A to point B. This is where a tow dolly can be helpful.

If you are planning to tow your car with a tow dolly, you may wonder how to do it right to avoid damage to your car. Be sure to follow these tips when transporting your car with a tow dolly.

Check and Prepare the Tow Dolly

To successfully transport a vehicle with a tow dolly, it is essential to check and prepare the tow dolly ahead of time. First, inspect the levels and make sure the two dollies are balanced. Ensure that all lights and signals are working on the dolly, and inspect all chains, clamps, hitch pins, and safety chains to ensure they are in good condition and securely attached.

Additionally, adjust the catering bar and tighten the adjusting nuts to provide added stability. Make sure to have the proper tires with the correct psi to avoid overloading the dolly.

And finally, be sure to test the tow dolly for stability before loading the car. Following these simple steps will ensure a stress-free and safe car transport with a tow dolly.

Secure the Car and the Tow Dolly

Securely transporting your vehicle with a tow dolly is essential for your safety and those sharing the road with you. Check that your tow dolly is equipped with the necessary safety features. It is essential to check for roll-away and know the load capacity of the dolly.

It is also essential to read the manufacturer’s guidelines when connecting the dolly to the towing vehicle. Once the dolly is connected, ensure that the car is in a park position, the emergency brake is applied, and the wheels are blocked before embarking on the journey.

Finally, remember to abide by state laws, which outline the weight limits on a tow dolly and other related regulations. Following these tips will ensure safe and successful transport.

Call a Professional and Compare Prices

Call a professional if you’re considering purchasing or renting a tow dolly for transporting a car. Professional towing companies provide experienced and knowledgeable staff, quality equipment for hire, and a thorough understanding of each state’s towing regulations and DMV requirements.

They can help you determine the safest and most efficient way to transport your car with a tow dolly. They’ll also ensure that the proper safety requirements are met, such as tow lights that are visible from the front and rear and securely fastened straps or chains to keep the vehicle stable and secure while in transit.

Furthermore, they will provide helpful tips regarding tire pressures and the correct weight that should be loaded onto the tow dolly. Don’t forget to compare different car dolly rental prices.

Understanding How to Use a Tow Dolly to Transport Your Car

Choosing the right tow dolly and taking the necessary safety precautions are essential considerations when transporting a vehicle. Take your time planning the move to ensure that you and your car make it safely to your destination.

Call a professional for help if you are unsure about the process. Don’t forget to check and inspect all parts of the tow dolly and the car you are transporting to ensure everything is secure before setting out.

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