Top 8 Best Auto Transport Companies in the USA 2022

Written By Alla Levin
December 26, 2022
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Top 8 Best Auto Transport Companies in the USA 2022

Are you relocating to a new city/state in the US? Or looking for an auto transport company that offers the best shipping experience? If yes, we are here to help.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the auto shipping industry in the United States. After the world got hit by covid-19, the shipping industry was at its peak.

The rising popularity has also given many misleading service providers opportunities to take undue advantage of customers across the nation. To be specific, if you hire shipping services from a company without acquiring accurate information about their services, there are high chances you might end up losing thousands of money by getting trapped in their fraudulent business.

Therefore, it is extremely vital to learn significant facts about the service providers before investing in them. We have listed some reliable and genuine auto transport companies to help you determine the best available options in the market. Refer to this guide to find a suitable care shipping company for you.

Nexus Auto Transport

Nexus Auto Transport is one of the market’s leading and most reliable auto transport companies. It takes the first position on our list because it is simply one of the best service providers out there.

They offer an extensive range of shipping services, from instant shipping estimates to different shipping methods. Nexus Auto Transport comprises more than 80,000 licensed and insured carriers to perform business activities seamlessly.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport is one of the best available options for relocations, snowbird moves, multi-car shipments, and late-model transport services. They specialize in transporting classic autos, large SUVs, heavy-duty trucks, and more.

Sherpa Auto Transport holds accreditation, an A+ rating from BBB, and excellent customer reviews on several reviewing websites. They offer a wide range of transportation services at affordable and reasonable prices. You can visit the Sherpa Auto Transport website today to book your shipment.

AmeriFreightTop 8 Best Auto Transport Companies in the USA 2022

Unlike other shipping companies on the list, AmeriFreight does not directly ship vehicles. Instead, it acts as a shipping broker to connect customers and shippers. Thus, it allows customers to choose shippers of their choice based on their service requirements and budget preferences. They offer a wide range of genuine shippers across the country, offering services at competitive prices. However, they don’t offer international shipping services.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship is a much newer transport company on the list compared to other shipping companies. Despite less experience in the shipping industry, Easy Auto Ship has been able to leave a significant impact in the market places.

They offer auto transport services in many states across the country. They are known for offering affordable shipping services. Easy Auto Ship is the one for you if you are looking for standard services at affordable prices.


Montway is one of the renowned shippers in the US. Their shipping quote system makes them a unique service provider in the market. They offer two shipping quotes: one for cash services and the other for credit and debit cards. Customers who prefer to pay in cash over other methods can enjoy discounts and save money during the process.


There is simply nothing like eShip. They offer services seven days a week and have a record of moving thousands of vehicles annually. Specifically, they are the most experienced service providers on the list. They are also known for offering the best shipping insurance policies nationwide, for which you don’t have to worry about paying extra money. They also ensure to refund the service fee in case of cancellation of any services.

America Auto Shipping

America Auto Shipping is one of the most well-known and oldest shipping companies. With over 22 years of experience in the industry, the company offers an extensive range of domestic shipping services in the US. America Auto Shipping also holds an A+ rating with the BBB and appealing customer reviews online. For domestic auto transport services, America Auto Shipping is the best choice.

Auto Transport Companies in the USA: Ship a Car Direct

Lastly, Ship a Car Direct is another great auto-shipping option on our list. Along with insurance coverage, they offer their customers a damage-free guarantee. Since 2008, the company has maintained a good image in the market with exceptional customer reviews online.

We hope with the help of this article, you will be able to determine an ideal auto transport option for your shipping needs and requirements.

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