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Earlier this year, it was determined that transportation was the single most significant contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in North America. Greener practices in the supply chain are currently in the spotlight as political, social, and regulatory pressure to reduce waste and its impact on the environment has increased recently. The Paris Agreement, signed in August of this year, sparked a significant push for businesses in all sectors to examine logistics and supply chains for greener practices.

To regain consumer support, many consumers use their purchasing power to force businesses to share their environmental efforts. Many customers are willing to switch brands or products in favor of better environmental options because they have more options and can learn more about the company’s actions.

CartonCloud software helps small and medium-sized businesses cut down on waste for greener practices

Due to consumer expectations and government policies, supply chains are becoming more transparent and accountable for environmental impact and action.

For smaller players managing a portion of the larger supply chain, reducing environmental impact looks a little different than it does for larger businesses, which may consider major operations overhauls to reduce emissions across a global network.

CartonCloud, a provider of warehouse and transport management software, assists small to medium-sized logistics businesses in adopting environmentally friendly practices by making incremental improvements to operational efficiencies.

Vincent Fletcher, CEO and founder of CartonCloud, stated, “One key thing smaller logistics providers can do is ensure they can track and provide data to partners to ensure their footprint is measured.”

Having the ability to optimize driver routes with a navigational map integrated into the TMS is a huge benefit for smaller businesses that are unable to convert their fleet to electric vehicles. Of course, reducing the use of fossil fuels is a big one.

“With a cloud-based system like CartonCloud, you can make workflows more efficient and use fewer resources by optimizing routes, increasing accuracy, and simplifying other workflows.

“Our mobile app can be used on any iOS or Android smartphone paired with a Bluetooth scanner to introduce barcode scanning into your operations. This can quickly increase accuracy across all business areas, reducing errors and requiring fewer returns or repeat orders, saving you money.

According to Mr. Fletcher, their powerful software was made especially for smaller businesses, giving them the tools they need to start optimizing operations immediately.

Customers can access the user-friendly software from desktops, tablets, and smartphones, allowing them to optimize operations in all areas with a single, simple system.

Our software makes it simple for businesses to reduce waste, whether for profit or the environment. Mr. Fletcher stated, “You can use barcode scanning for all incoming stock, locate inventory in the warehouse, identify and assign orders to shipping, and pick-and-pack.”

“Through the mobile app’s ability to simplify cross-docking practices, providing accuracy alongside speed and simplicity, we’ve also seen significant interest in optimizing last-mile delivery.”

He explained that the software, an integrated warehouse and transport management system, provides 3PLs with unique control and flexibility for tracking and automating data and seamless data flow between operations.

“What it implies is these organizations can have command over how they work and can track down ways of smoothing out their activities, setting aside cash and assets, and diminishing squandered miles, fuel, or bundling en route.

“The business has control over how they want to streamline their business operations—and that is so important to build long-lasting, sustainable practices—from picking orders in the warehouse to optimizing driver routes based on a preferred start location, the fastest route, transport zones, or other factors.”

Mr. Fletcher stated that the CartonCloud team ensures that they collaborate closely with customers and industry partners while drawing on the expertise of their team to ensure that logistics operators can easily design, use, and understand their software.

We also work in logistics, so our experience and enthusiasm set us apart

“I previously made the underlying code for CartonCloud from the back room in a 3PL I was running with my colleague. We built our operating system because we couldn’t find one that did what we needed for our logistics business. Presently we have right around 500 clients overall and then some.

“When we hear from our customers that they no longer have lost boxes, that they have higher picking accuracy, shorter pick-and-pack times, and more, all because of our software, or that they have implemented cross-docking for faster last-mile delivery, and more,” You can schedule a free demonstration of our cloud-based warehouse and transport software to learn more about capturing data and improving operations.

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