Dating a Smart Woman: How to Behave with a Girl when Dating

Written By Alla Levin
January 12, 2023
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Many men do not know how to behave on a first date, or what to talk about. How to organize dating a smart woman and make her interested in you. They want a family with a girl but do not know how to lead her to it. How to create the right mood, and what emotions to provoke, so that she wants this. We will talk about it below.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Dating

It is good if a person is naturally friendly. They are able to talk about anything and at the same time to cause affection for themselves. But what about those who are shy? For whom it is a feat just to go up to a girl to talk? Those people who are not sociable? Who has no idea what to talk about with a girl?

At first glance, it may seem very difficult and even unattainable. Many men think it’s either there or it’s not. But they are mistaken. It’s not about the character at all. Learn and develop any skill; it is quite capable of every man. All it takes is desire and patience.

So let’s break things down point by pointA Step-by-Step Guide to Dating

You have to choose a girl

You don’t have to be shy and blush just thinking about it. Just do it, and that’s it. She’s just as human as you are. She has the same fears and doubts as you do.

The best way to start an introduction is with a compliment

If you have never paid a compliment before, read up on the Internet first, on how to do it so you don’t lose face in the first seconds of dating. A compliment should emphasize one of the strengths of the girl or all of them at once.

Make a joke

Also, you can make a successful joke to attract your girlfriend’s attention. But only so that your joke did not offend her. Be polite, smile, and try to get her to like you. 

Don’t be frowny, moody, or angry

Always meet sober. Try to look clean and neat. If you do not immediately make a favorable impression on the girl, your acquaintance may end up in nothing. Try not to be tedious; try to interest the girl.

Consider the conversation

It’s best to think ahead about what you’ll talk about. Try to find out what she’s interested in, and get her to tell you something. Try to talk less and listen more. If her mind is blank and the conversation doesn’t work, try to get her phone number and say goodbye.

To accommodate and inspire confidence in the girl, you need to cause the girl to have certain emotions. Positive. She must understand that you are not a threat to her and can be trusted. Now you know how to behave with a girl when you meet her. It remains only to apply all that you have read about in practice with

Mistakes Men Make When Dating

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, especially on a first date, not only women are nervous, but also men. Here are the main dating mistakes guys should beware of:

Late arrival of a man on a date

Here you do not even need an explanation. Imagine a girl sitting alone and waiting for a guy to arrive. In this case, the lady feels very uncomfortable, and the man-latecomer, it seems, may not come.

 How to Behave with a Girl when Dating: Lack of a clear plan for the eveningDating a Smart Woman

The gentleman must have a plan for the date – if not always, then at least the first few meetings at the beginning of the relationship for sure. Every girl wants to see the initiative from a man and understand that he decides something, at least in the plans for the evening

Flattery and compliments

Girls immediately lose interest and trust in the suitor when they hear overt flattery addressed to them – who will like banal compliments?

Harassment and vulgarity

She is not accustomed to your presence and will not allow a rigid violation of personal boundaries. Everything should be smooth and consensual. Jokes below the belt are also better to let go of when you are in a relationship, all in good time.

 How to Behave with a Girl when Dating: Overly elaborate jokes

Forget the cheap pick-up stuff and be yourself. Free, casual behavior will relax you and the lady. “You can even admit that you’re nervous and worried, it’s better than a contrived, poorly played confidence, it’s amusing,” advises psychologist Miller.

How to Behave with a Girl when Dating: Selfish behavior

What you should not do on a date is just talk about yourself, not closing your mouth for a minute, not interested in this girl, her hobbies, work, and life plans.

Closure and reticence

It is unclear how to behave with a closed and taciturn companion. Turn into a clown animator, or just conclude that the guy cannot maintain a dialogue? Why even go on a date if you don’t want to communicate?

Tales of exes

It is not necessary to dedicate a new acquaintance to personal life details if we are talking about the affairs of long ago. Especially talk about ex-wives and lovers if you haven’t been asked. “No girl likes to have the spirit of past relationships and phantoms of exes hovering in space. It’s stifling, irritating, or alienating. 

 How to Behave with a Girl when Dating: The toxicity

To criticize life, the government, people, and so on. It’s no longer a secret that now everyone around is getting pumped up, and any schoolboy has already learned by heart that whiners, rude, and aggressors need to be forgiven for forming a quality space around you and attracting only positive events

Of course, you must end the meeting beautifully: send the girl in a cab home to say nice and trivial things from the heart if you like her. And in the morning it would be a great solution to send her a lovely bouquet. That way, she can fall in love!

Remember, everyone is different. The likes and dislikes of a girl and a guy can be other. Dating helps to find out all this. Once you find the right candidate, your inner power will take over and at that work perfectly.

It’s human nature that brings many men together. Don’t forget to share your experiences from UaDreams. Think about it, and maybe it’s your advice that will help someone succeed in dating.

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