What Is Home Care, And What Are Its Benefits For Seniors?

Written By Alla Levin
January 27, 2023
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What Is Home Care, And What Are Its Benefits For Seniors?

Do you live in Tacoma, Washington, and have parents, relatives, or seniors in your family who require assistance with everyday living? Instead of admitting them to a nursing home or senior center, consider providing them with in-home care services. Home care refers to professional services that assist the elderly in their everyday lives to make them comfortable.

According to the available data, about 11% of the population in Tacoma are seniors, and 34% live at home alone through assisted living. Companies specializing in-home care tacoma wa, are constantly in high demand in the city for their significant role in providing seniors with companionship and taking care of their hygiene, meal preparation, medication reminders, etc. If you’re using this service for the first time, here are some things you might want to know about it.

What does home care mean?

It is a way to keep you safe, healthy, happy, and comfortable at home. It is a way to avoid hospital visits and the expense of nursing homes, DME (durable medical equipment), medications, and other health care expenses that may be incurred in an assisted living facility or hospital setting.

Home health aides assist with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming; household chores like cooking meals or cleaning clothes; light housekeeping tasks like giving baths or helping with laundry; and personal care such as caring for bed sores. In Tacoma, professional care services for adults are overseen and regulated by the State of Washington according to the Administrative and Revised Code of Washington.

Role of a care managerRole of a care manager

A Care Manager can help you identify a senior’s needs and set up a plan for what they regularly want and when they most need assistance. A care manager is an excellent resource for seniors and can help them set up a plan to meet their needs, whether cooking or household chores.

Suppose some issues need addressing or adjustments made in the home setting (such as medications). In that case, they will ensure those changes are made so that there are no disruptions in caregiving provided by others who live nearby with their families!

Choosing a home care manager

Since the care manager plays a crucial role, it is vital to have one who understands your needs and those of your family. Having a manager from an agency who understands your budget will also help you manage the costs involved in hiring someone for home care services.

It’s best to find someone who works with seniors and has experience working with people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. They should answer questions about medical concerns and other issues specific to their clientele. Hence, there’s clarity about what needs doing when it comes time for maintenance tasks such as bathing or grooming after meals (which can sometimes become necessary).

In Tacoma, Washington, home care agencies require a license to provide their services. The Office of Investigation and Inspection provides the permit after an appointment and survey process. You should only hire licensed providers or agencies for home care services.

Benefits of home care for seniors

Home care allows seniors to remain independent and avoid hospital visits. It can also help you avoid expensive medications, nursing homes, DME (durable medical equipment), transportation costs, etc.

It also helps seniors stay active in their homes instead of going into a hospital or nursing facility whenever they require medical attention. Home care providers can keep track of what’s going on at all times to ensure everything is working correctly without any other problems arising from their patient’s absence from their daily routine.

Home health aide services are also helpful if you need assistance with daily activities that may be difficult due to mobility limitations, such as walking stairs without being able to carry groceries upstairs by yourself (or even just going shopping). Unsurprisingly, the home care industry is so prevalent in Tacoma and all of Washington that experts predict the number of customers to grow by 95,000 by 2023.

It would be best if you considered hiring home care in Tacoma, WA, for seniors in your family, whether they are your parents or relatives. It is the best alternative to senior centers since they benefit from living in their own homes while receiving assistance with everyday living.

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