How To Throw a Baby Shower
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How To Throw a Baby Shower to Remember Online

With the covid virus becoming less threatening, many parts of the world have opened up again. However, there are still some good reasons to throw some parties virtually rather than in person, and baby showers are an excellent example.

Your friends and family could be based worldwide, and getting them all into one physical room for your baby shower might be impossible. This is a great family occasion, so it makes sense to throw it online so that everyone dear to you can come. Here is a guide to throwing a baby shower to remember online.

Plan The Time

Time zones vary all over the world, so it is a good idea to check the time in the countries you are inviting people from before you start. That way guests aren’t going to be expected to log on to a chat room in the middle of the night.

Hopefully, you can choose a time that suits everyone, but if not, it is worth considering whether it makes more sense to hold more than one shower so everyone can be part of it. This will work exceptionally well if your friends and family are mostly located in the same part of the world.

Send Invitations Well in Advance

Even though the celebration will be held online you still need to send out invitations so that your guests know to save the date. Greenvelope’s virtual baby shower invitations are the perfect way to invite your guests.

They can suggest wording and designs to customize your virtual baby shower invitations and include any other information you like. For example, your invitations could include links to your baby gift list, details of the technology you will need to attend the party, and even include a gender reveal if you don’t want to do that on the day.

Enlist Help

Traditionally, a baby shower has been thrown by a close friend or family member of the mom-to-be. However, that tradition is changing, and it is now common for the mom-to-be to arrange the party. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enlist the help of your nearest and dearest, though; you can ask for help with things such as organizing party games or taking charge if you get tired. You don’t have to do everything yourself, so don’t feel obliged to.

Choose Your TechHow To Throw a Baby Shower

There are a lot of chat platforms you can use to throw your baby shower. These had grown in popularity since the covid epidemic when lockdowns were common, and people were forced to socialize online more. You may already have your favorite chat platform, or you might decide to try a few out before you choose which one you want to use and make sure you have a strong connection.


Not holding an in-person baby shower does not mean you have to skip the decorations. You can decorate your background physically or virtually, depending on what chat platform you decide to use, and you can encourage your guests to do the same. That way, you are all in the baby shower spirit from the outset.

Play Some Games

You may be a little more limited on what games work well virtually, but don’t let that stop you altogether. Some great games include ‘The Price is Right,’ where guests must guess the cost of baby items. ‘Name That Baby Tune’ is a popular game. Play some music from a popular baby song or lullaby and ask your guests to guess what it is.

Celebrity Baby Name’ is a fun game. Ask your guests to match the baby’s name to the celebrity and see who can get the most right.

Open Your Gifts

With careful planning, you can open your baby shower presents online. Ask the people you invite to gift wrap their presents and send them directly to you. That way, you can open them online during your baby shower, and your guests will enjoy watching you unwrap your gifts.

How to throw a baby shower: Eat Cake

You may not be able to stretch to a full-on buffet for your virtual guests, but you could eat some baby shower cake together. Send the recipe for a simple mug cake before the shower, and you can all enjoy making and eating it together. These are simple to create and only take a couple of minutes to cook in the microwave. Some of them are delicious. You could even turn it into a competition to see whose cake looks the best!

Virtual baby showers are here to stay simply because it is easier to get people together online than in person. You can still have lots of traditional fun on your battery if you follow this guide.

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