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There is no question that reviews carry a lot of weight. Reviews are a vital component of being successful online because of their ability to both influence purchases and increase revenue.

The importance of reviews is amplified for those who sell on Amazon. More comments with a rating of five stars can be the difference between standing out and blending in, as well as between being included in the Amazon Buy Box and not being featured.

The most effective strategy for increasing the number of reviews that your products receive on Amazon is to have products that stand out from the competition, a stellar reputation as a brand, and a large number of happy customers who are loyal to your brand as a result of the outstanding customer service that you provide. Of course, saying something is simpler than actually doing it.

Let’s take a look at what you can do. 

Send a customized email asking them if they would leave a review

Following the completion of a transaction, Amazon will send the consumer an email that is pre-written using a template and will request that they write a review. It’s a bit dull, so many don’t bother. 

Sending your own follow-up emails can help you buck that trend and achieve your goals. Include the customer’s name in both the subject line and the body of the email to add a touch of personalization. It will be much simpler for them to post a review if you provide them with a link directly to your product page.

Finally, explain to the consumer the significance of submitting a review and encourage them to do so. You might describe the role that reviews play in increasing the number of people who learn about your product and the success of your company.

You can also show them that you care about improving their experience by reading their review, which provides you with the opportunity to do so. Alternatively, you might appeal to their sense of pride and tell them that by relating their story, they will be able to affect the lives of others.

Just remember to exercise extreme caution while trying to coerce customers into posting favorable feedback. It is against Amazon’s policies.

Include a product insert that asks for feedbackHow To Get More Reviews on Amazon

Include an engaging insert that prompts customers to provide feedback on your products with the packaging of those products. Make use of vivid colors and photography that is captivating to the eye. Streamline the process and provide them with step-by-step directions on how to submit a review on Amazon.

Instead of asking for a review with five stars, just ask for feedback overall. Inserts that ask customers expressly for positive reviews are prohibited by Amazon. Also prohibited are inserts that try to deter customers from leaving bad reviews by asking them to contact them instead.

Participate in the Early Reviewer Program on Amazon

These latter two tips are only applicable to newly released products. The operation is as follows: Although Amazon’s standards for reviews state that vendors are not permitted to pay customers for reviews, the regulations make no mention of Amazon being prohibited from engaging in the practice themselves.

Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program offers customers the opportunity to receive a gift card for a minimal amount in exchange for providing feedback on a product.

By participating in this program, you are eligible to receive up to five reviews, each of which will be distinguished by an Early Reviewer badge. 

Include a request for feedback in your company’s email newsletter

If you have an email newsletter, which indicates that you probably do a good job of covering all the bases in your eCommerce marketing plan, add a part to your template that asks for reviews. You will not get a lot of clicks from this, but it is an easy activity that you just have to perform once, and it could result in a few more reviews coming in on a more consistent basis. 

Make a request for feedback on social media

Your social media followers comprise a significant number of your consumers, and these customers are very vocal about how much they adore your brand and its offerings.

Requesting reviews on social media should be done on a more regular basis, much like how you added a review request to your email newsletter. Encourage customers who have recently made purchases from your store to leave reviews on Amazon for the things they have purchased there.

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