Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt
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A Denver headache and spine center can make a world of difference for people suffering from mobility issues or those living with chronic neck, back, and muscle pain. However, there are many benefits even for those who are not suffering from debilitating ailments. Spinal adjustments and massage therapy can profoundly affect mental health and serve as preventative measures for a host of potential medical problems. 

However, when many people hear terms such as “spinal adjustment” or treatments involving bones, joints, and muscles, they picture painful procedures like one might experience during spinal fusion surgery or those involving bones. On the contrary, most chiropractic adjustment procedures are painless, and quite a few of them even feel really good! 

Whenever there is pain during chiropractic procedures, it is generally the “good” sort of pain that indicates that a sore or stiff area is improving. After a particularly intense session, there may be a bit of soreness, but in most circumstances, treatment alleviates pain, making the patient feel better. This is mainly because chiropractors practice holistic methods to restore the entire body’s equilibrium. 

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt: What Does Holistic Treatment Mean?Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt

Holistic health refers to treatment considering the whole body rather than a single system. Chiropractors are well known for reducing pain and resolving problems relating to the spine, neck, lower back, joints, and muscles. Nonetheless, they intend their efforts to optimize full body function. 

For instance, spinal adjustments restore the body’s balance, putting things back where they belong so that all body systems work better. Throughout any day, the spine experiences stress that can cause it to shift, along with its vertebrae. Over time, this can cause problems such as herniated discs, compressed nerves, and other ailments that lead to pain and soreness. When the spine is realigned, nerves can communicate more efficiently, the body’s motion is improved, and pain and soreness are reduced or even eliminated. 

As part of the holistic approach, these health professionals also consider mental wellness. Many procedures, such as massage therapy, reduce stress and encourage tranquility, which can combat severe disorders such as depression and anxiety. Many people undergo these treatments because they feel amazing. They can break up muscle tension, flush out lactic acid and toxins, soothe scar tissue, lower blood pressure, and even relieve headaches.

Hands-on Holistic Treatment

Another aspect of holistic care is that chiropractors rely on natural treatments, meaning that they do not perform surgeries or prescribe medication. Most chiropractic care involves nothing more than the adept use of the fingers to manipulate and improve the alignment of body components. As experts in their domain, they know the body well and how to achieve the greatest results, applying a light bit of pressure here, a quick bit of force there, and steady kneading in another location to relieve tension. 

While their efforts sometimes produce pops or cracks, they are not painful and often feel pleasurable, like popping your neck or stretching sore muscles. Even spinal adjustments, which sound intimidating, involve only careful joint manipulation to augment the body’s natural healing processes. 

At times, chiropractors may introduce a special table for this procedure. While it may look scary at first glance, it is just a massage table with padded segments. Equipped with a monitor and advanced technology, the machine automates the procedure under the watchful eye of the chiropractor. The segments work independently of each other, stretching out the muscle and spine to alleviate pressure on the discs. Much like hand manipulation, this procedure should not be painful.  

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt: Who Can Benefit From a ChiropractorDo Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt

Chiropractic treatment can benefit all ages, even children. Massage therapy, in particular, is an enjoyable experience, and it can manage pain, improve blood circulation, reduce headaches, and reduce stress. Sports athletes are typical patients because chiropractic therapy soothes sore muscles and improves mobility, allowing them to perform at their best while minimizing the chances that they may sustain an injury. 

There are, however, other reasons why you may wish to employ the services of a skilled chiropractor: 

  • You have been in an accident

Treatment can help improve or restore mobility, assist with injuries such as whiplash, and alleviate pain. Chiropractic techniques can also expedite the healing process.

  • You suffer from joint or muscle pain.

Procedures that increase blood flow and realign tissue can resolve many issues with muscles and joints, improving quality of life. 

  • You spend much of the day sitting or hunched over a computer.

Spending much of the day in a sedentary fashion causes many back, shoulder, and neck problems and encourages poor posture. These professionals can realign shoulder joints and make spinal adjustments to restore your posture and resolve many underlying causes of pain. 

  • Your mobility is not what it used to be

This is a problem that only gets worse as people age but is not limited to the elderly. If you discover that your arms, neck, or some other part of your body can no longer bend or stretch as far as it used to, consider treatment. Chiropractors know all the tricks to help restore (or even surpass) your mobility levels and are happy to offer tips and exercise suggestions to improve or maintain your body. 

  • You suffer from back pain or a pinched nerve.

Chiropractors are perhaps best known for their work with lower back pain and nerve issues, often resulting from spinal misalignment. When you need help with these problems, you will be in good hands, and those hands can change your life. 

  • You want a healthy body.

You do not have to wait until you suffer an injury or experience pain to consult a chiropractor. As experts in full body wellness, they can give you plenty of tips and tricks about diet, nutrition, exercise, and other essential features of a healthy, happy life. 

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt: The Bottom LineDo Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt

Do not let fear of a painful procedure stand in the way of a better you. Chiropractors practice a holistic, specialized approach designed to improve how all body systems function together to ensure your body is operating at its full potential so that you can enjoy a healthy, pain-free life. 

Rather than using medicine or surgery as their solution, they work primarily with their hands, performing painless adjustments through quick and skilled pressure in targeted areas. Whether you are living with pain, have suffered an injury, or want to practice prevention and a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy the services of a skilled chiropractor.

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