How Effective Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Written By Alla Levin
January 29, 2019
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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment – there are many holistic alternatives to treat addictions such as alcoholism, opioids, inhalants, or drugs. Opioid addiction is quite common in the United States these days.

115 people die of opioid addiction in the United States. From 1999 to 2016, 200,000 U.S. Citizens died from opioid-related overdoses. Drugs derived from poppies are heroin, codeine, morphine, Vicodin, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Dilaudid.

These drugs provide a feeling of well-being, which is why kicking them as an addiction can be very difficult for some people. Being addicted to these kinds of drugs can cause fundamental changes in the brains of the people who do them.

Opioid addiction

Opioid addiction

Some people cannot stop their opioid addiction, because they put themselves in rehab. Holistic rehabilitation centers offer yoga classes, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. Holistic centers dabble in meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as other forms of therapy such as dialectical behavioral therapy.

Alternative Treatmentsholistic addiction treatment

Massage is another holistic remedy offered. Addiction is a lifestyle, addiction recovery is a lifestyle because holistic rehabilitation centers believe in aligning addiction recovery with an individuals’ religious beliefs.

Medications that treat addiction problems such as Naltrexone are optional to use in recovery treatment programs. The counseling approach is a comprehensive part of a holistic recovery program.

Unconventional 12 Step Programs12-step recovery programs

12-step recovery programs do not always work for some people. This is why a holistic rehabilitation approach may be good for the people who do not succeed in this format of addiction recovery. Total abstinence from alcohol, for example, does not always work for some people.

Getting clean from drugs like heroin can be difficult if not impossible. Some people do die of their addictions when they do not quite willingly. Quitting any addiction takes fortitude. It takes guts. Some people do not have the mettle necessary to quit drinking or doing drugs.

Self-Medicationholistic treatment centers for addictions

People do drugs out of a need to self-medicate their mental illness. They need to stop doing the drugs, but many people do not have the ability to quit on their own, so come toHolistic treatments include plenty of counseling just like conventional treatments.

Holistic treatments are actually a rising trend in the field of addiction recovery. A client has to feel satisfied with the treatment forms they are getting in order to stick with it. Some people cannot stick with rehabilitation treatment, so they don’t bother. Addiction is terrifying to quit because they cannot imagine something better.

Acupressure or the application of pressure to certain body parts can help many physical conditions, not just addiction. Acupressure can cure sea-sickness among other situations, as well as physical withdrawal symptoms that can come up.

Energy Medicine – Holistic Addiction TreatmentHolistic Addiction Treatment

Some energy work like Reiki can help addiction problems, although finding research about how this modality can help people is difficult at times. Holistic therapy can help people’s receptivity to conventional treatments. As natural medicine is a huge fad these days, some people cannot stand conventional treatments for their addiction problems or their mental illness that comes along with their addiction issues.

Yet there is a type of person out there who may never seek help from an organization that offers drug rehabilitation therapy. Heroin is quite addicting and can get fatal but all things can be overcome if you have the will.

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