A Location Where Opportunities Are Endless: 10 Unusual Tourist Activities in New Zealand

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2023

It’s challenging to resist daydreaming about a place as picturesque as New Zealand. Indeed, if we’re being more precise, “magical” could be a better term. You can’t see beaches and glaciers during a single trip, interact with penguins in the morning before soaking in a hot spring in the afternoon, or appreciate modern art while sleeping in a forest lodging anywhere else but New Zealand.

There are no boundaries between old and new, rustic and modern, boutique and opulent, in this location. New Zealand is a country with countless opportunities and adventures suitable for visitors of all ages, renowned in the world for Haka, kiwifruit, wine, and rugby (their men’s national team is a 3-time world champion and always among the favorites in significant events based on odds at the best country’s online bookmakers at Bookmaker-Expert.com).

Yet with so many fascinating things to do in New Zealand, choosing which attraction to visit or which activity to try might be a bit difficult. For you to make the most of your trip to the nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, we’re creating this post in the hope that it will assist you in setting priorities based on your preferences and suggestions.

10 Unusual Tourist Activities in New Zealand Discover Renowned Art in AucklandArt in Auckland

We must admit that despite being a small country, New Zealand has a lot to be proud of in the realm of the arts. Everything from sculpture parks and fine dining to designer brands are available here!

Auckland is the ideal location for you if you’re an aficionado or just generally intrigued about New Zealand’s art scene. The area offers excursions that will take you to all the stunning and essential locations, depending on the art style you’re interested in. Everything is conveniently placed up for you, whether it’s excellent arts, cuisine, or fashion. Moreover, day trips to Waiheke Island and Hobbiton are readily available.

Connell’s Bay, a renowned sculpture park on Waiheke Island, the Pah Homestead, Gibbs Farm, Kinder House, and Ayrlies Garden are a few places to visit. We also cherished the serene Brick Bay Sculpture Trail and Winery, which was farther away.

For a small country, New Zealand has a disproportionate number of well-known designers, artists, winemakers, chefs, intellectuals, and singers who have made Auckland their home.

Visit Milford Sound and Take a Scenic Overnight CruiseVisit Milford Sound and Take a Scenic Overnight Cruise

Milford Sound is one of the most unusual tourist activities in New Zealand. The 8th Wonder of the World is a must-visit location for anyone looking to experience the best of New Zealand. You can only imagine the beautiful view from your bed on an overnight luxury cruise in Fiordland National Park and snuggle in between dizzying cliffs.

Fiordland National Park, situated on Te Wahipounamu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to Milford Sound, a hidden gem. Based solely on this, you would understand why it’s a must-see attraction for visitors traveling to the South Island. Fantastic fact: This fiord is the sole one in the nation with a road leading to it. But Milford Sound has remained untouched due to its distant position and natural defenses, such as towering cliffs and dense vegetation.

There are so many things to do here to avoid a whole day. In actuality, a full day is insufficient to fully appreciate the splendor that this fiord would have to offer. You’re fortunate that Fiordland Discovery offers overnight cruise excursions so you can fully enjoy your time in Milford Sound. Spend two days traveling to this tiny island paradise on the opulent nine-cabin Fiordland Jewel.

Only 20 people can travel on the Milford Sound Overnight Cruise each night, making it an intimate excursion. The Fiordland Jewel has cabins with climate control, each with a private toilet and a breathtaking view of the water. It’s one of the most idyllic ways to experience the fiord, and it even lets you use its top-deck hot tub at night.

Get Comfortable with Blue Penguins and Royal Albatross BirdsBlue Penguins and Royal Albatross Birds

It’s safe to claim that New Zealand satisfies every requirement for a perfect vacation spot. With its irregular topography and unique culture, the island will again astound you with its diverse flora. The blue penguin, the minor type of penguin, and the royal albatross, a gorgeous kind of huge seabird, are among the locally prevalent creatures.

Visit the Blue Penguins Pukekura and Royal Albatross Centre nearby Dunedin, which both provide viewing tours to guests, to take advantage of this unique chance to observe and pet these alluring animals.

Unusual Tourist Activities in New Zealand: Relax in the Hot Springs of Hanmer Springs

Experiences fall into two categories in New Zealand: adrenaline-pumping adventure or laid-back vacation. There’s no middle ground! There are many options for you to consider when planning for the future. One of them is a tranquil excursion to Hanmer Springs, a resort town in the South Island’s Canterbury region.

There are many exciting activities here, like horseback riding, besides lounging around and having the best time ever in the spa (which you probably already guessed!) and the thermal pools. Enjoy a fun ride on friendly horses as you enjoy the mountain scenery! You may take advantage of all of these by staying in your apartment at Heritage Hanmer Springs.

Raft Rotorua – the Home to the Highest Rafted Waterfall in the World

Unusual tourist activities in New Zealand? When visiting the North Island, Rotorua is unquestionably a place not to be skipped because of its abundance of natural wonders and cultural riches. There are a ton of things ready for you in the city, whether you’re interested in learning about ancient cultures or searching for nature’s hidden gems.

Rotorua will undoubtedly be able to satiate your wanderlust because it’s the country’s epicenter for geothermal and volcanic marvels and the core of the Maori culture. Prepare yourself for a city journey, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. These three adjectives—beautiful, wonderful, and captivating—best describe the adventure you’re about to embark on.

If you have to choose a fun activity that everyone can participate in and enjoy, this is the one! Go water rafting on the Kaituna River to pique your excitement. Pass through over 14 rapids, and three waterfalls, including the famed 7-meter Tutea Falls, the tallest professionally rafted waterfall on the planet, and navigate through narrow, steep gorges.

If doing this with your traveling companions doesn’t make for your best, most treasured memories, then we don’t know what would!

See Waitomo Caves on a Thrilling Day TripWaitomo Caves on a Thrilling Day Trip

Without undertaking at minimum one extreme activity, a journey to New Zealand can’t be said to be complete. This stuff is for you if you’re seeking an adventure that includes a stunning view, strenuous routes, and a distinctive feature that isn’t easily seen anyplace else on the globe.

Let’s say that Waitomo Caves offers everything a travel enthusiast could want from a trip to New Zealand. Through the vast tunnels of Waitomo’s underground network, one can walk, leap, wade, swim, and climb.

Enjoy the magnificent flowstones and fossils, and get ready to be astounded by the breathtaking glowworm display.

Explore the Ocean Jewel of Tutukaka

The most pristine beaches on earth are on New Zealand’s North Island. This country has golden sand, clear lakes, and lush vegetation. We advise booking a tour with a reputable company like Dive! Tutukaka to maximize the value of your time in Tutukaka.

You’ll have the best time underwater thanks to their knowledgeable staff of naturalists, marine scientists, award-winning photographers, and tech & wreck specialists. They provide a variety of activities, such as diving, diving instruction, snorkeling, tours of The Poor Knights Isle, and more. All of these are available to you while conveniently residing at Lodge 9, a delightful boutique hotel.

Indulge Yourself in a Staycation at a Boutique Hotel in QueenstownStaycation at a Boutique Hotel in Queenstown

Queenstown, sometimes known as the “adventure capital of New Zealand,” is the ideal vacation spot for those seeking breathtaking scenery and exhilarating experiences. It’s difficult not to appreciate this quaint small village from the first time you set onto its surface because there are so many attractions and locations to visit.

For decades, more and more visitors have been coming from this idyllic location, once a peaceful neighborhood stashed away in the mountains, to take advantage of its unique experiences. All thanks to its breathtaking scenery, which makes the shoreline of Lake Wakatipu and the backdrop of stunning mountain ranges look like a scene from a postcard.

Want to take the best vacation in New Zealand? Consider booking a premium boutique hotel, such as Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel. As you check in, you’ll quickly discover a picturesque location that will meet your expectations for New Zealand. It’s a little too difficult not to feel like nobility here with a giant glass window, a breathtaking perspective of the mountains, and a location you can call home far from wherever you live.

If you ever get sick of the sights, you can always rent a car and tour Queenstown and Wanaka’s excellent wineries, which are extraordinary.

Enter Te Waonui Forest Resort to Experience a Nature Getaway

It would be a loss not to enjoy all that nature offers in New Zealand. The Te Waonui Forest Retreat luxurious lodge is tucked away in Franz Josef Glacier, encircled by rainforests, and has a rustic-chic appearance. It has everything you might want for a peaceful vacation in the middle of nature.

This, in our opinion, is the ideal way to top off a fantastic holiday break: indulge yourself in a spa, lounge around in your opulent bedroom for as long as you like, and take in the absolute tranquility of nature. Before returning to the commotion of urban life at home, submerge yourself in this brief vacation to revitalize your mind and soul.

Unusual tourist activities in New Zealand: discover Christchurch Reborn

Visit South Island’s largest city! Christchurch is where urban renewal intersects heritage and culture, and it makes my list of unusual things to see and do in New Zealand.

It would be a shame not to have a look at the island’s innovation center, which features everything from street art to contemporary architecture, antique buses, to double-decker buses. Take pictures at the Brockworth Street Art Gallery, appreciate the International Antarctic Center, and visit the Botanic Gardens. These are just a few enjoyable activities you can look forward to in Christchurch.

Another fact: The city was the scene of a devastating earthquake in 2011 that claimed over a hundred lives, injured thousands of people, and destroyed homes. Do you want to know how this calamity affected the city so much? Visit the Canterbury Earthquake National Monument without fail.

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