Find the Best Home Inverter Battery: Look at These Long-Lasting and Efficient Options

Written By Alla Levin
March 29, 2023
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There is not a single day in a year when we would be OK with an extended power cut. If that is the case, why not find the best home inverter battery that is both long-lasting and low maintenance?

In this guide, we will cover a list of budget-friendly battery options. Each in the list is a tried and tested battery with satisfactory results. Browse through the list to get the best home inverter battery.

The Best Home Inverter Battery List

Down below is a list of five batteries from Luminous. Its inverters and batteries are considered one of the most reliable power solutions in the country. So, if you plan to buy the best home inverter battery, you should check its products. Now, without further ado, let’s begin with our picks:

Battery 200 Ah – ILTT25060

The Inverlast ILTT25060 is known for providing a longer backup and better charge acceptance. It is a tall tubular battery with 200 Ah power. But unlike other tubular batteries, it has 30% more volume of acid per ampere hour, which gives it an efficiency boost.

What makes it the best home inverter battery is the corrosion-resistant characteristic that comes from the spine alloy composition. The battery also minimizes the risk of internal short circuits by containing a polyethylene separator with unique puncture resistance properties.

Battery 250 Ah – ILTT28060best home inverter battery

This one is the best home inverter battery for areas that experience hours-long power cuts. It is a tall tubular battery, but compared to many other tubular batteries available in the market, it gets charged comparatively faster.

Moreover, thanks to the level indicators, which alert users when the battery needs maintenance. It becomes easy even for people not experts at inverter and battery maintenance.

Image Source: Luminous

Gel Battery – IGSTJ18000

It is a 12 V inverter battery that can give a power backup of about 3 hours with 400W power. If the energy consumption is lesser than 400W, the power backup increases. What makes it the best home inverter battery is its unique capability of offering zero spillage risk.

The gel range by Luminous India includes batteries that require zero top-up or maintenance. Once you install the battery with the inverter, you no longer need to check for any acid spillage or corrosion cleaning. On top of that, the battery emits no fumes, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe to use in homes with children.

Battery 120 Ah – RC15000

Yet another 12V battery on the list, the RC15000, is a tubular battery with robust tubular plates. Its tubular technology makes it the best home inverter battery for areas that experience frequent power cuts.

Another prominent feature of this battery is its high durability because of the completely sealed plastic housing. The durability factor of the RC15000 also leads to a low maintenance cost.

Battery 220 Ah – ILTT26060

The battery service life of ILTT26060 is quite long. This means it is the most suitable for people who want to fit the battery once with the inverter and then forget about it for months.

Like the 250 Ah – ILTT28060 model, this battery’s container design is also tower-type. The design ensures that the acid level stays high and the battery does not frequently require maintenance.

Summing it Up

There are a lot of options out in the market if you are looking out for the best home inverter battery. From the one that requires the least maintenance to the one that lasts the longest, the list of batteries mentioned above contains batteries with different features. Which battery you choose depends on your home requirements.

Visit Luminous’ official website to look at their wide range of robust inverter batteries.

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